Native American fish trap, Wilderness Survival

Native American fish trap, Wilderness Survival

- in Survival In Mountains

Native American history how they got food for there hungry family, How the Native American made there fish trap, The funnel opening will have to be large enough for the fish or turtle to swim into, leave the opening facing into deeper water,They can’t get out they do circles in the trap.for survival only. Basic Wilderness Survival bushcraft


  1. really lol? they are that dumb?

  2. This is a awesome trap and easy to make thanks for making a video on this trap.

  3. isaiah steinsdoerfer

    That cat is a buety

  4. Connor yeomans (Mrgameuk)

    Is this the most effective (primitive) fish trap?

  5. Matthew MacDonald

    I am going to a lake this summer. Do you think it will work. Will I be able to get bass in it

  6. How does it work? Why would the fish trap themselves on the corner?

  7. Зачем отпустил?

  8. Good tip. Thanks a lot to you and the native Americans for passing this on!

  9. Wow, great stuff.

  10. That catfish is good eating, slice under the gillis till you break thru the back bone then take a fork jab in back of head and pull back and peel all the skin off in one piece! 

  11. Wow that's awesome! Fish traps are the coolest!

  12. bullheads will eat anything lol

  13. I'm doing this at my grandpas lake house! Thanks for the video!

  14. What was your bait? i can't really hear you

  15. No pole No problem! … good job! Thanks for the knowledge! 

  16. delicious!

  17. Amazing!

  18. Wonderful idea! Thanks!

  19. Cool

  20. Hilmi Ali Noerdhin


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