National Geographic Live! – Alone on the Ice: The Best Survival Story You’ve Never Heard

National Geographic Live! – Alone on the Ice: The Best Survival Story You’ve Never Heard

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Hear the gripping account of Australian Douglas Mawson’s 95-mile trek across Antarctic ice battling hunger, dire circumstances, and deadly crevasses, as told by award-winning writer and adventurer David Roberts.

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  1. I'm speechless..

  2. wow

  3. Anyone know of a good Douglas Mawson documentary?

  4. Missed the boat by five hours, 5 hours after all that … where was God ? … smoking it up with Buddha and Allah in the pope mobile

  5. i wonder if "The Elite" can produce such a man ? … Us …. The common man…. are the true Elite… it could be your next door neighbor ….. if you made it here check out beck weathers on Everest .. hes got a great story of survival

  6. I don't think this story is true.  It seems made up to me.  Plus, I've never heard this story and I've seen plenty of survival stories.  Anyway, they needed to reenact the action of the story.  It's boring to just watch that old guy talk and talk.   I got sick of his dull, lifeless, dusty voice.  


  8. This guy is a TRUE HERO for sure.


    Check out this video on YouTube: 

  10. Brrrrr, how cold…. and what an adventure.

  11. SurvivalTech Nord

    National Geographic Live! – Alone on the Ice: The…:


  13. I can't believe this story when oim old I will tell it to my kids 

  14. I can't believe its possible to travel for 20 odd days in Antartica without food, when you're already malnourished.

  15. An amazing story of survival- but the guy telling it like to have put me to sleep. They couldn't have found a more passionless, monotone, clumsy speaker if they tried. 

  16. Michael Maxwell

    This is incredible.

  17. schlusselmensch

    I prefer stories of survival of people who are put in harm's way through no fault of their own. Something like United Airlines 232. Not stupid buggers that ignore best evidence and go blithely off into some of the most inhospitable places on this planet. 

  18. schlusselmensch

    Inuit; "Don't eat bear or dog livers.".
    English Polar Explorers; "Load of bollocks, fuck off.".
    Inuit; "Dress in animal skins.".
    English Polar Explorers; "Wool's the best, fuck off.".
    Inuit; "Use dogs to pull sledges.".
    English Polar Explorers; "Right then mate, we'll have a think about that but in the meanwhile, we'd like to heave them about ourselves or use donkeys for 200 years or so." "Oh, and fuck off, what would you buggers know about arctic survival.".

  19. If you folks are into stories of survival, check out the book Heart of the Sea by philbrick , about the whaleship Essex 

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