My Zombie Survival Plan

My Zombie Survival Plan

- in Survival Basics


(This was recorded before my HD camera, so excuse the quality and volume peak-age!)

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  1. Not trying to be mean but UR A DUMB SHIT ! U don't go to a store cause others will be there ! So u go get a knife kill the zombies if there are 2 or 3 if there are more get keys and a knife or two and get in ur car DONT follow the crowds and go to the Country side and find some abanded barn or house kill what ever is in there and then go back to town after fortifiying the place and then stock up and just STAY ALIVE SOMEHOW

  2. my zombie team is 4 snipers 2 lovers then probs like 6 guards and yeah i would stock up because i will have a shelter in my back yard hard to open easy to close and reinforce with tons of zombie survival kits and the military has little fortresses probs when the zombie disease hits so i would get in my car and find one of the fortresses and with my zombie team i would put my snipers on the towers barbed wire all around and guards inside by the strong iron gates and my farmer would be a supply runner also so he would get dirt and start a food farm to keep us alive and not insane and we would stay there untill it dies down then send to supply runners down to the citys they will have 2 guards armed and ready then get us supplies to survive etc etc

  3. Something very important to have during a zombie apocalypse is a mobile tool kit. Preferably non power tools are essential. Those tools can help you not only build a shelter but also keep your vehicle running. Big zombie fan here lol

  4. so…….basically you'd be dead….cuz you'd be thinking about no wait I have this wait forgot that….oh crap I'm getting chewed on…..damn it! restart from last save!!!

  5. I love you , you are beautiful

  6. Costco isn't a shabby idea! , and it is devoid of outside windows, so once you shuttered the front doors you'd be cool… But my idea is to hole up in the Cabela's. Board up and wall off the windows and doors, destroy the stairs (still has an elevator) and then live up on the second floor mainly. If the zombies breach the first floor you can pick them off from any angle from the balconies to reclaim it, and all the ammo, guns and even crossbows are on the second floor. Plus the camping gear and dehydrated rations are upstairs with that restaurant. Assuming you nabbed some gear from the fishing section below, you could fish in the giant indoor fish tanks…

  7. you can't shoot game as the sound will attract the zombies

  8. SuperSaiyanFour “ss4kronos33” Kronos

    so what would you about all your video games?? and i would agree with you on costco but i would consider a amazon warehouse as well. they have everything as well. i know i work at one in phoenix. plus i dont know why but i could see you dressing up as a cheerleader and going chainsaw lollipop on some zombies just for fun

  9. You should play state of decay. A zombie survival rpg

  10. If you are going to collect drugs make sure to get as many as you can antibiotics and/or penicillin.  It will worth its weight in gold.

  11. Also, someone buys you a zombie survival kit and you forget it?! Tisk tisk…

  12. Totally thought you were with child! You got me.

  13. Dharamjit Rihal

    Aww you have a parasite baby. :D

  14. I'd take them bitches to Applebees

  15. Machete and a sharpening stone, Screwdriver as my backup. Both are lightweight and easy to carry, simple to use and get a hold of if you lose yours for whatever reason etc.

  16. "Zombie fuckers" LMAO

  17. LMAO at 1:09 I thought you said you loved 'zombie porn' tsk tsk

  18. Brittney. I LOVE you videos and your gorgeous babe. Let's play some Destiny together. PS3 name is blackheartskini. Also you should team up with laced up lauren. You to would be the hottest gamer chicks on the planet. Check her out laceduplauren

  19. soz to hear about the bug get better soon!!! …lmao awesome ..luv listing to u talk make's my day ..thumbs up

  20. Mr. Teddy McBear

    Zombies? Raid the pot dispensaries! 

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