My Zombie Apocalypse Survival Plan

My Zombie Apocalypse Survival Plan

- in Survival Basics

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  1. The BEST thing about your plan issssss… YOU ACTUALLY HAVE A PLAN!!! SO many dont!!!!

    I dont think it will be simple as OMG its a zombie apocalypse! Stay indoors! Because even if its announced which I really really doubt the government will ever announce it because they would rather run and hide while we the citizens become the bait.

    FIRst thing I would do is get my family and friends together. Everyone you want to survive with in one place. And deligate responsiblities. Someone get all the food. Someone all the water. Someone weapons. Someone seal the first floor. Even somoene going to get those who are not there and bring them back. Someone to go get what they can right away so u dont have to go out .

    Hopefully the zombies wont be right at yourt door as soon as you hear about it. SO maybe you will have a short time to get ready. If not then I would go to this step.

    Get everything UPSTAIRS and trash my first floor. SO if anyone who wants to break in will see that NOTHING is there for them to steal. Second I would seal off that second floor. Make sure that EVERYTHING we need is up there and put up blackout curtains so that no light can escape from the candles. If no one knows u r there then there is no reason to go up there IF they think the place has already been looted.

    A window and pull down ladder can always help with getting out when need be. Also a above garage apartment ort stortage place would be great for this too.

    COncerning your idea of sending out the weakest people… Try to make it a plan NOT to have any weak people! train and crosstrain!

    Weapons… ANNNNYTHING can be a weapon. One of the things that I hate is someone who says they have ONE or 2 set weapons and thats ALLLLL they want to use. Well, Murphy says HA HA to that. Everything around you can be used as a weapon.

  2. I live in the UK and I've held and shot a 22.

  3. I would go to my treehouse, it's really well hidden and it's really high. I also have a survival backpack with: Bandages, healing cream, 2 flash lights, batteries, tampons (JUST CUZ IT'S AN APOCALYPSE DOESN'T MEAN UR PERIOD WOULD GO AWAY), Ibuprofen. I also have a wood axe ;)

  4. I would stay in a basement but not a roof

  5. i have like 4 guns. 2 rifles 2 handguns with a lot of ammo. the noice is my downfall but I'll choose to shoot myself before joining them

  6. Cordelia Blakeslee

    I bought instruction from ShepherdSurvives and I learned about it very very cheap.

  7. The Walking Dead usually follows groups, meaning there there can always be at least one person on watch.
    I think if 2 people were together, they might spend 16 hours a day in one spot, taking turns sleeping.

  8. well Britain's scrued

  9. Easy stay inside stay quiet 

  10. yer a goner…ya need guns don't yall Brits have some bows & arrows????

  11. I'm going to be like Negan from The Walking Dead. I'll walk the streets with a barbed wire baseball bat, have a crew of 100 people including myself, and 50 of those people being my wives.

  12. Watermelone Queen

    I'm only redy for slow to sista slow ones two

  13. You could it us about your knowledge

  14. Would you pick a rooftop or a basement as camp? :P

  15. Shreves_5.56 NATO

    Here in 'Merica we guns are extremely available (for now) so im bugging in and fortifying my house because my house is in a pretty secluded area in the woods (most houses in West Virginia are. lol) personally i would love to get my hands on an Ar-15 chambered in 5.56 with a spare .22 bolt

  16. I'd pick a riot shield as my weapon. Smash into zombies with no chance of getting bitten yourself. Unless they flank you. Then…yeeeeaaaah…
    Also according to Code Geass you can use it as a sled, which, uh, could maybe be useful?

  17. blake richardson

    lol I'd probably use bladed weapons silent but deadly like a fart

  18. How to survive the apocalypse: have no friends, be in shape, do not be a dumbass, and know how to approach people.

  19. All Brits would die during a zombie apocalypse because they have no guna

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