My SUPER Shelter Completed

My SUPER Shelter Completed

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  1. Thanks for sharing the whole process of building the shelter. I learned a lot.

  2. you need a radio

  3. Tommaso Petrella

    You would be the coolest girlfriend to have, why are not more women interested in the same things as me?  Oh well, I will have to be satisfied by just watching your videos, keep up the great work!

  4. Super job.  You are an inspiration to me.  thanks

  5. Great video as always. My wife and I would camp out there with you any time. Love your dog too.

  6. 257 people disliked this… Awesome video lilly! My sister is having a baby and is naming her lilly! :D

  7. You continue to create awesome shelters. This fort would be awesome for deer hunting.

  8. nice shelter, and arms! mmhmm

  9. ThoughtfulSearcher

    I love the current look of your camp, but have you thought of camouflaging all sides with leaves & debris? Or would that just be overkill?

  10. The Gaming Woods

    keep up the good work im a fan of all your videos so keep posting them

  11. Beatrice Rogers

    Lilly, you are super cool. Thanks for the insightful and inspirational videos. Keep up the great work.

  12. Jungspund | Outdoor, Survival & Vlogs

    Wo genau in Österreich lebst du eigendlich? Steiermark, Tirol? Und welches Viertel.

    Lg Jungspund.

    PS: Man sagt: " I am from Austria" nicht " I am from Austrian".

  13. I subscribed to you just because of this one video. You're shelter is amazing, your voice is easy to listen to, and you are super smart! And have a sense of humor, all strong factors a person needs for when SHTF. Nice job!

  14. That was great!!!

  15. I Love your Super Shelter, Lilly.  Looks cozy and secure.  I would love to visit it in person.  It would be Great to spend the night there.  So comfortable.  You're a real Trouper, Lilly!!  Keep up the good work.

  16. Will you marry me?

  17. Great if that is on private property.  But building on public property, which some video-makers do…

  18. Where can I buy Serbisches bohnensuppe?

  19. Super woman indeed, amazing, may god protect you.

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