My off grid drill kit – awesome homestead / survival tools

My off grid drill kit – awesome homestead / survival tools

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A look at some old vintage tools that you can turn into an off grid kit for drilling for shtf situations, or even if you are trying to be more self reliant and focus on primitive skills and survival.


  1. I would be surprised if you ever used that brace because you certainly can't change the angle on it LOL , also what are you talking about when you say it is geared down ? The collar selects the direction that it ratchets right or left and also locks it in non ratchet mode too.
    When buying auger bits very important to check the lead screws to make sure they are good, also that the cutting Spurs are good. Many that you find have damage or are worn and are junk. 

  2. jeannine Poulin

    Like your video, very informative as I was wondering what kind of tools to have on hand if Shtf, guess I will be running around looking for garage sales as soon as possible to try to find some old tools.

  3. Absolutely.

  4. How hard is it to find the bits?

  5. Great scores there; I recently picked up a hand drill at a thrift shop for two bucks!

  6. Excellent choices!!! Ive been collecting bits and braces for years long before prepping with any other old hand tool I can find… As an accomplished wood worker I can say yes power tools are great BUT… Hand tools are often so much easier to use and sometimes more efficient…Clean them things up with a brass wire wheel and soak them in PB blaster its kinda like wd40 but better and cheaper:) then mix up turpintine, linseedoil and beeswax as an all one finish and let soak then wipe clean – amazing feel and old world smell:)

    Im still looking for a small bit brace kit for my bushcraft pack – small holes no bigger than 1/2" my ex bro in law has MANY lol I keep trying to buy from him but he just wont sell lol… its his hobby too:)

  7. FixedByDoc OffGrid

    I need an eye auger one for my bush craft kit mainly for making holes for tapping trees.

  8. I just picked up a nice old tap and die set. 

  9. FixedByDoc OffGrid

    ive been trying to build my drill bit set like this but cant find the bits I need for my hand crank drill. need some hand saws too.

  10. i have quite a few hand tools, however i need hand saws

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