Mountain Survival Knife by Becker Forge

Mountain Survival Knife by Becker Forge

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Sensible Prepper Presents: “Mountian Survival Knife” by Becker Forge Custom Knives. Joseph Becker is a Mastercraftsman making quality handmade knives.

Becker Forge Website:

Becker Forge Youtube Video “How to make a Survival Knife”

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  1. Admiral Preparedness

    I wrote that one down for my to get list. Nice knife. My father had a Bowie and I am kicking myself for not taking it down when he offered it to me on his dying bed.

  2. I just looked at his website and couldn't find this or the mini version on it. Is it still being produced?

  3. Beautiful knife!

  4. Great knife! Too bad when you go to his website, it isn't there. I agree, $200 for a good knife like that is quite reasonable. Thanks for sharing your video.

  5. I watch all his posts and I'm so glad to see one of his knifes,"on the job",so to speak. Wonderful philosophy man and awsome knife. I know what u mean about that sound, that perfect ring, the good ones just have it.

  6. Just finalized the details on my own Becker Forge knife, can't wait until it gets here! Thanks for the review.

  7. That knife is an anomaly. It is both ugly and beautiful at the same time.

  8. Great looking knife… enjoy it!

  9. Man !!! Love the rawness of this knife .that's what love about my tops Bob field knife with a patriot leather sheath. Hope You Do a Bug Out Scenario , With That Knife And Few Items. 

  10. Benjamin Wagner

    Just ordered mine the other day!

  11. Opal Preston Shirley

    That's a beauty alright he has some serious talent. When you get the sheath love to see it and the knife. Thanks. atb Opal

  12. Hey i love your vids and i always go back and look at all your old videos.

    Do you ever go out and spend the night or maybe a couple nights in an area where you simulate a survival situation such as, emp goes off and car is broke and you use your bug out or get home bag to survive and get home? Get back to me :)

  13. Love simple, rugged designs like this. 
    Wonder if he'd do one w/a horse mat handle?

  14. Great knives I would definitely recommend

  15. I love the old school look of that knife. 

  16. Great review…..Buck Hoodlum however needs ur review as a competitive option

  17. Jesús Muñoz Vargas

    Amazing knife like a "axe"…
    Very nice handmade work…

  18. Do a video on your grandpas old tools

  19. Do you know if he ships worldwide ?
    Great knife. To me personally, I like to put patina on my stuff myself. I definatly understand your want for it though. And the knife looks in motion even better than on picture.

    I have to say, though that I cannot really afford a knife that costs over 100 dollars. I am still a student.

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