Mountain House THE BEST SURVIVAL FOOD! | Canadian Prepper

Mountain House THE BEST SURVIVAL FOOD! | Canadian Prepper

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In this video I do a thorough review of the Mountain House Emergency food supply products (freeze dried food) and announce the winner of the Giveaway contest. Overall Mountain House is a quality product with great customer service.

I was not paid to do this review, I was sent samples to test and demonstrate.

If you were interested in getting some of this stuff you can do so through this link to support the channel! Stay tuned because the next video is a much anticipated installment of After the Collapse…

Mountain house 3 Day Supply

4 Day Supply

5 Day Supply (best value)

2 Day Supply
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  1. I enjoyed your video on the mountin house food products.

  2. Big 5 Sporting Goods has Mountain House. I think just about every MRE type of food is not readily availible at the supermarkets. That catagory is not really useful as most survival/MRE foods are more availible online than it is at local stores.

  3. What knife is that? Looks like a Jeff white or some home brew

  4. Absolutely great survival guide:
    Thank you Gregory ! :)

  5. Sodium would kill me !!!!

  6. gasdorfic muncher

    starbucks of survival food, i wish i was a rich man

  7. It's the "Snapple" of survival food!

  8. gourmetsportsman

    With most of their product, try using only half the recommended water, particularly with biscuits and gravy. I bet you'll find that BG will have the appropriate texture and not be a mushy mess. I find its quite good when you do so especially with a bit of Tabasco.

  9. Another insightful review. Thanks for the time you spend on this research.

    I'm currently in the process of phasing out my MH stock in BOB/GHB and INCH bags for civilian MREs that I shave down to the essentials and reseal. My main reason for doing this is I can eat them cold and never have to think twice about having to heat up water. Now that's just for emergencies etc.

    I'm also looking at Backpacker's Pantry for leisure hikes, based on their calorie / weight / cost ratio and how it compares to Mountain House. The Peanut & Raisin Oatmeal, Bacon & Cheddar Mashed Potato and the Lasagna are the top three on my list right now and they outclass their nearest MH equivalent, at least based on my criteria. Supplement with some CLIF bars and plenty of water and you're good for a little outdoors trip.

  10. suck that M house dick-:

  11. Whats suddenly wrong with "normale" canned foods?

  12. I prep fore the new world order stay safe and if prep fore the same thing say family

  13. Great range, great flavors, easy prep. To be included in one's larder along with other types of food. They are expensive just as cans are inexpensive. It's a question of variety of tastes, of even food, in a time when we may longer be able to find any.

  14. Mountain house is good stuff and I do use it camping and on SAR missions and I have a case at home for prepping but that said its overpriced, I do not know if you can get this deal in Canada but in Walmart's in the NW in the bulk foods section bottom shelf they sell cases of 200 freeze dried meals for $67, a far better bargain than Mountain House or a case of MRE's. Mountain House Accesability score would go way up in the US it is everywhere here even in some grocery stores.

  15. DreadnoughtAdventure

    Mountain House is certainly a leader in Freeze-dried, and FD has to have a place in ones preps, especially for a Bug-out – but I balance MH and other FD with MRE's for my BOB and hiking in general.

  16. They sell at Wal-Mart and Fleet Farm

  17. It will never last 12 yrs because it tastes too good.

  18. Indifferent Centrist

    What knife is that in the video. I like it.

  19. I'll eat my heart out for missing this giveaway ^^"

  20. Freeze dried food fills a different niche than MREs. I see many comparisons and the MREs get higher points for reduced water requirements, but is that true? You need water (very little) to heat it. The drinks need water. True, no drinks, etc. with Mtn House. However, MH isn't quite the same field ration that an MRE. I would use MH immediately after a meltdown. Long term I would go with my own supplies. Thanks for the nice review.

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