Minecraft Tutorial: How To Make A CLIFF / MOUNTAIN!! Survival House (ASH#25)

Minecraft Tutorial: How To Make A CLIFF / MOUNTAIN!! Survival House (ASH#25)

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In this video I will be showing you guys how to build a amazing mountain or cliff house. This tutorial is not going to be the same for everyone because every mountain or cliff will most likely be different. The tutorial is really short and it honestly one of the easiest ones I have done in a while. Hopefully you enjoy it and it is easy to follow.

I hope you enjoy the video and thanks from the bottom of my heart for watching 🙂

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  1. Shawna Burnette


  2. What's the seed +ADHDcraft

  3. how do you hold a bath room in it

  4. What is the seed?

  5. courtney burnyeat

    Make a small show

  6. whats the seed

  7. Can you make a fallout vault

  8. What's the seed for the world??

  9. I like ur vids, but there are some houses I want to make but u dont have a tutorial for it

  10. bart allen impulse

    On the other hand the video was good

  11. bart allen impulse

    That is so unsafe to use flint and steel to point at things especially with planks

  12. COOL I'm trying to build this on legit survival it was kinda hard to get all the blocks I need but it's worth it!! and it's turning out very well: D

  13. LaRazaNation_ maldonadopride

    what's the seed? and I know I'm a lot late but this house is intriguing and I'm building this one and connecting to a bunch of other mountain homes to make like a mansion and it would be amazing to have the seed plz!

  14. What's the seed

  15. having fun

  16. Lolololol

  17. dudyygfghh

  18. ADHDcraft it'd be great for ya to include the seed and the size of the world as well as if you have generate structures on because I try to find a untouched mountain seemingly like yours and can't find one proper unless I alter it in anyway,shape or form!

  19. minecraftgamer 1300

    yes it would

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