Minecraft: Quad Mountain Survival w/Nova Ep.49 – MAKING A 2ND FLOOR

Minecraft: Quad Mountain Survival w/Nova Ep.49 – MAKING A 2ND FLOOR

- in Survival In Mountains


Map: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/873557-survadv-%E2%98%A0%E2%98%A0-quad-mountain-survival-%E2%98%A0%E2%98%A0/

Likely having the most mods i’ve ever packed into one series. Quad Mountain Survival takes the cookie to the lands unknown. Dun dun dunnnnn.

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Texture Pack: http://tiny.cc/y5xrbw

Mods List: All Updated

Trains & Zepplin: http://tiny.cc/5oyrbw
Invasion mod: http://tiny.cc/wnyrbw
Weapons mod: http://tiny.cc/xmyrbw
Butterfly mod: http://tiny.cc/9qyrbw
Tornados etc: http://tiny.cc/7hyrbw
TooManyItems: http://tiny.cc/raudm
Inventory Tweaks: http://tiny.cc/1xyrbw
Commands: http://tiny.cc/h3na2
Reptiles: http://tiny.cc/puyrbw
Mini Map: http://tiny.cc/pmzrbw
Hang Maps: http://tiny.cc/czyrbw
Crafting Table 2: http://tiny.cc/0zyrbw
Mo Creatures: http://tiny.cc/4apey
Elemental Creepers: http://tiny.cc/dawey
Timber: http://tiny.cc/wa7pr
TF2 Teleporter http://tiny.cc/avj58
Pams Mods: http://tiny.cc/dfmf8
Updated other mods: (Whale, Bats, Crab etc.) http://tiny.cc/7k0t6
Animal Bikes: http://tiny.cc/r2b66
Creeps and Weirdos: http://tiny.cc/43xrbw
Ender Chest: http://tiny.cc/93zrbw
Backpack Backpack: http://tiny.cc/yq0rbw
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  1. didnt he already change his skin?

  2. technicly its the third floor

  3. I don't get why he doesn't use the drill OUTSIDE

  4. Wait wouldn't black widows turtle be black turtle

  5. i know were Dr pepper is

  6. fire creepers are going to jizz themselves when they get in his house…

  7. 1:36 there's Thor s hammer

  8. The ceiling is flipping you off

  9. the glow stone looks like a middle finger fuck u

  10. No just no

  11. Nova do a diamond House!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. CatherineTrucTran


  13. Tehdingdongtruck

    If lightning hits close enough to you, it makes an explosion noise.

  14. t-dogs dairy blast it nova didn't fall down my pit trap i will finally kill him one day and then me and my brothers will finally escape this huge prison,

  15. Xxcampagin_spartanxX

    Every time u use the hammer a tornado comes

  16. 😀 woah!

  17. If you do the charge attack with the hammer it can kill another player immediatly

  18. Iristhebluekitty

    Not the whales!

  19. ~¤Ty0220123321¤~

    T-dog's diary entry #?
    Hello, diary i haven't wrote in you for awhile now so i thought I'd share my thoughts with you today. Today wasn't the best day I've had, master nova declared that he was going to regain strength and imprison me once again. I don't know what to do with my life anymore, ever since master nova trapped me in this, this.… hell, I've been using elemental creepers and other friends that i got from craigslist. Sadly, though, most of them have failed. I fear for the worst….

  20. Lory raped iron turtle

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