Minecraft: Quad Mountain Survival w/Nova Ep.38 – NATURE ATTACKS

Minecraft: Quad Mountain Survival w/Nova Ep.38 – NATURE ATTACKS

- in Survival In Mountains


Map: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/873557-survadv-%E2%98%A0%E2%98%A0-quad-mountain-survival-%E2%98%A0%E2%98%A0/

Likely having the most mods i’ve ever packed into one series. Quad Mountain Survival takes the cookie to the lands unknown. Dun dun dunnnnn.

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Texture Pack: http://tiny.cc/y5xrbw

Mods List: All Updated

Trains & Zepplin: http://tiny.cc/5oyrbw
Invasion mod: http://tiny.cc/wnyrbw
Weapons mod: http://tiny.cc/xmyrbw
Butterfly mod: http://tiny.cc/9qyrbw
Tornados etc: http://tiny.cc/7hyrbw
TooManyItems: http://tiny.cc/raudm
Inventory Tweaks: http://tiny.cc/1xyrbw
Commands: http://tiny.cc/h3na2
Reptiles: http://tiny.cc/puyrbw
Mini Map: http://tiny.cc/pmzrbw
Hang Maps: http://tiny.cc/czyrbw
Crafting Table 2: http://tiny.cc/0zyrbw
Mo Creatures: http://tiny.cc/4apey
Elemental Creepers: http://tiny.cc/dawey
Timber: http://tiny.cc/wa7pr
TF2 Teleporter http://tiny.cc/avj58
Pams Mods: http://tiny.cc/dfmf8
Updated other mods: (Whale, Bats, Crab etc.) http://tiny.cc/7k0t6
Animal Bikes: http://tiny.cc/r2b66
Creeps and Weirdos: http://tiny.cc/43xrbw
Ender Chest: http://tiny.cc/93zrbw
Backpack Backpack: http://tiny.cc/yq0rbw


  1. "Fuck you Crabs"

  2. Memories while watching this episode again. That's how I grew up 

  3. hahaha dude ;3

  4. blondepiratesarecool

    Sometimes I really miss this series…

  5. Christopher Holt

    10:10 there is flying piece of fire! RUN!

  6. so oldschool hmmmmmmm onda sta happy wheels

  7. Crabs…

  8. jeremyhomeboy419

    I miss this Nova

  9. His score was 21, RESPECT

  10. Smelt logs for charchole which is exactly like chole 

  11. Minimal WearBearTear

    This is BY FAR the best and most hilarious episode of the QMS!

  12. Its raining at my place too lol 

  13. Best ever

  14. Nova old classic

  15. whales stranded on top of water lily's =minecraft logic

  16. Yoo.. whats this texturepack called?

  17. TheSupremeUnity

    Have we ran out of Helium yet!?

  18. im watching it in 50000 on my crazy ass monitor

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