Minecraft: Quad Mountain Survival w/Nova Ep.10 – TORNADO ALERT!

Minecraft: Quad Mountain Survival w/Nova Ep.10 – TORNADO ALERT!

- in Survival In Mountains


Map: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/873557-survadv-%E2%98%A0%E2%98%A0-quad-mountain-survival-%E2%98%A0%E2%98%A0/

Likely having the most mods i’ve ever packed into one series. Quad Mountain Survival takes the cookie to the lands unknown. Dun dun dunnnnn.

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Texture Pack: http://tiny.cc/y5xrbw

Mods List: All Updated

Trains & Zepplin: http://tiny.cc/5oyrbw
Invasion mod: http://tiny.cc/wnyrbw
Weapons mod: http://tiny.cc/xmyrbw
Butterfly mod: http://tiny.cc/9qyrbw
Tornados etc: http://tiny.cc/7hyrbw
TooManyItems: http://tiny.cc/raudm
Inventory Tweaks: http://tiny.cc/1xyrbw
Commands: http://tiny.cc/h3na2
Reptiles: http://tiny.cc/puyrbw
Mini Map: http://tiny.cc/pmzrbw
Hang Maps: http://tiny.cc/czyrbw
Crafting Table 2: http://tiny.cc/0zyrbw
Mo Creatures: http://tiny.cc/4apey
Elemental Creepers: http://tiny.cc/dawey
Timber: http://tiny.cc/wa7pr
TF2 Teleporter http://tiny.cc/avj58
Pams Mods: http://tiny.cc/dfmf8
Updated other mods: (Whale, Bats, Crab etc.) http://tiny.cc/7k0t6
Animal Bikes: http://tiny.cc/r2b66
Creeps and Weirdos: http://tiny.cc/43xrbw
Ender Chest: http://tiny.cc/93zrbw
Backpack Backpack: http://tiny.cc/yq0rbw


  1. The Quran Channel

    you mean

  2. it was a reverseya creapa

  3. the skeleton attacked you because you killed his girlfriend the creeper

  4. Lol the floob flies in the corner of his eye then the alligator

  5. How can this video have 6k likes when theres only 3k people on earth.Someone explain

  6. I love T-Dog, just because Nova has a history with him. Remember that heartfelt speech that Nova gave T-Dog before he tamed him? Yeah, and now that Nova has him, he's in a corner because he's not as good as his brother, Rick. 

  7. 8:20 Aligator Goes to space

  8. 2:20 -Nova: "what is was was Rick had whispered in my ear and told me to Gay Tony and i half-assed it and died" I laughed so hard right then.

  9. 3 episodes later and still talking about his missing pick

  10. Nova: oh nooooo, look at what's under my house….. OH A CHEST

  11. G O T O S L E E P

  12. 0:49 diamond? or lapis?

  13. as a 9 year old what are you doing on youtube and in most games there is swearing too so fuck off

  14. I'm nine bitch eat it

  15. t-dog's the leader of the creepers he kills rick twice! and then plays inocent! XD

  16. T-dog… Y U SO MEAN?!


  17. Alexander Fiedler

    listen to revenge thats a song where of creepers are being killed at the end

  18. Y are u so mean to t-dog

  19. a love story of T.Dog and nova begin…

  20. Roberto Gonzalez

    I miss this series :'(

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