Minecraft: Quad Mountain Survival w/Nova Ep.1 – And So It Begins..

Minecraft: Quad Mountain Survival w/Nova Ep.1 – And So It Begins..

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Map: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/873557-survadv-%E2%98%A0%E2%98%A0-quad-mountain-survival-%E2%98%A0%E2%98%A0/

Likely having the most mods i’ve ever packed into one series. Quad Mountain Survival takes the cookie to the lands unknown. Dun dun dunnnnn.

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Follow Mah Twitter: http://tiny.cc/u597o
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Texture Pack: http://tiny.cc/y5xrbw

Mods List: All Updated

Trains & Zepplin: http://tiny.cc/5oyrbw
Invasion mod: http://tiny.cc/wnyrbw
Weapons mod: http://tiny.cc/xmyrbw
Butterfly mod: http://tiny.cc/9qyrbw
Tornados etc: http://tiny.cc/7hyrbw
TooManyItems: http://tiny.cc/raudm
Inventory Tweaks: http://tiny.cc/1xyrbw
Commands: http://tiny.cc/h3na2
Reptiles: http://tiny.cc/puyrbw
Mini Map: http://tiny.cc/pmzrbw
Hang Maps: http://tiny.cc/czyrbw
Crafting Table 2: http://tiny.cc/0zyrbw
Mo Creatures: http://tiny.cc/4apey
Elemental Creepers: http://tiny.cc/dawey
Timber: http://tiny.cc/wa7pr
TF2 Teleporter http://tiny.cc/avj58
Pams Mods: http://tiny.cc/dfmf8
Updated other mods: (Whale, Bats, Crab etc.) http://tiny.cc/7k0t6
Animal Bikes: http://tiny.cc/r2b66
Creeps and Weirdos: http://tiny.cc/43xrbw
Ender Chest: http://tiny.cc/93zrbw
Backpack Backpack: http://tiny.cc/yq0rbw


  1. Reminiscing on the past, these series never fail to make me feel better.

  2. Came back to this video to cry

  3. Just a tip for people who are looking for the texturepack, the link is dead, the name is Tymix or TyDoku or something like that. newest is Tymix 1.9.1 and 1.8.1, etc

  4. 4 years…..4 YEARS….. So long but I don't feel the same way I did then, I can't get back into these old series

  5. JustSomeFalloutGeek

    I miss these videos

  6. 2012 minecraft… back when things were so simple and innocent.

  7. I used to watch these all day in elementary and middle school. I'm off to college now, so much has changed god damn

  8. Fuck I remember watching these series back in 2012

  9. Who came to this after watching his mine craft 16 video.

  10. Brotherman Bill

    Try clicking on the mod links, it sends you to weird ass E-bay items

  11. Edgar Nomestrus

    throwback to when I first started watching James <3
    RIP Dr Pepper

  12. Gay tony 2016

  13. Krazytre the Assassin

    Do people go to every single one of Nova's old videos just to comment on how they miss the old days? Lol. Not trying to start anything, but I see people on almost every video saying this.

  14. 2016

  15. Mr Grape Butter

    I had a huge nostalgia boost just thinking about this. Damn I'm not sleeping tonight.

  16. Oh no its belly bitch!!!

  17. what texture pack s it

  18. "DR PEPPER"

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