Minecraft – Little Kelly – SURVIVING AN AVALANCHE!

Minecraft – Little Kelly – SURVIVING AN AVALANCHE!

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Minecraft – Little Kelly – SURVIVING AN AVALANCHE! W/Little Carly!

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Music By :
“Monkeys Spinning Monkeys”
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


  1. Little Kelly little Donny the note so you can break up with Jay

  2. Nevaeh my name is Nevaeh my name is Nevaeh my name is Nevaeh my name is Nevaeh

  3. Nevaeh my name is Nevaeh

  4. Party like i'ts 1999

  5. plus how to be friends

  6. i love you

  7. it nice to meet you i wish we best friend i like your friend too and you

  8. You two are doing good but can you play roblox

  9. call me Jackie is really good

  10. little carly was a long lost sister

  11. Hi little kale

  12. good choice little kelly and little carly

  13. Valeria Hernandez

    u did good

  14. oh thanks

  15. what is lol ? hmmmmmmmmmmm a a don't laugh at me because then you are harting my feelings and that makes me cry

  16. rainbow rocks Rock out

    how just how do u do it i mean how u get that game and win all the times

  17. Little Kelly guess what when I was playing minecraft people's name were little Kelly and little Carly I know it wasn't you because you have a different skin

  18. you are V I. P

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