Lost Hunter Survival shelter after a winter storm, update

Lost Hunter Survival shelter after a winter storm, update

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Wanted to show the survival shelter i built and tested after a snow storm. Showing how it held up in those conditions and the effect it has on the wild life. Here is the link to building this shelter and other links in the decription for more on this shelter.

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  1. Great advice. I got caught in a snow storm 7000 feet up and had no snow shelter. It was June and not suppose to snow. I thank God someone left a shelter similar to this one. The snow and wind was horrendous, but the existing shelter made it easy to add a tarp and some more branches to complete it quickly for a warm place to last out the storm that night. A great recommendation, speaking from experience. Thank for all you do.

  2. Project Spacebook

    how do you know the hunter is lost?

  3. hi  is there a link to the building of it — cant find it   — txs

  4. Cool video man, Nothing wrong with leaving that shelter up at all. I just found your channel, was looking for some fellow NB'ers to watch. Check out my  channel if you'd like.

  5. Opal Preston Shirley

    Good idea leaving it up it's doing a great job. Thanks. atb Opal

  6. I like the idea of leaving them. It will rot and who knows I may stumble across your neck of the woods one day and need it 8).

  7. Pennsylvania Shane

    Held up nicely and now some critters have a warm dry place to hang out… Good stuff Kull!


  8. SL's Prepping and Survival

    A shelter for man and beast!

  9. TheAdventureCowboy

    As long as it's made of natural material, it's great to build these in the woods. Might save somebody's life someday.

  10. Nice shelter I am sure rabbits will use that thing like crazy.


  11. Far North Bushcraft And Survival

    Your shelter is looking good there bud.    I have had critters move in and take over a shelter as their full time residence before just like you said.   As you also said, snow makes a great insulator.

  12. Very impressive kull.. There may be a foot of snow on the roof but only a trace on the inside. You're right you might as well leave it up it's made of all natural materials . IT will biodegrade with no problem at all. Whats up man save somebody's life. Or an animal will move in there. Hopefully not a bear lol thanks for the update brother ..

  13. Hi there buddy. I agree with all of the other positive comments on this subject. As far as i can see it does absolutely no harm at all and can only benefit the person who made it both now and in the future, other outdoor folk (including a possible lost hunter) and of course the local wildlife. Ultimately, it may save a human or animal life at some point in the future and add to someone's outdoor fun and improve their skill set by using it as a learning opportunity. ATB.

  14. It's part of nature now !

  15. Taromovies Swiss Bushcraft

    that shelter protect you fore sure, thanks for sharing, Taro 

  16. great vid kull and ya animals will if a human needs it its there nice thought as lee said piles of debris just make great hides for everything and iv boro in to a few of them over the yrs lol always informative bro ATB tom

  17. Very cool brother
    I'd be stoked to come across something like this.
    Thanks for the video and the update.

  18. T.W. Milburn (skillet210)

    "Rock" I say "ROCK"-"SOLID" shelter fer da Bunnies. Your hard work has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt, that it's there 4 the Long-Haul. Great Update,  Brother.
    Happy Trails From Down The Path A Piece                                                     ATB  " T "
    "  GOD  BLESS  "

  19. Jim Foster (Knives)

    Proof is in the pudding bro. If nature found it useful and warm I bet it would save your ass too. Awesome bro. 

  20. i want thank you kull from the rabbit point of veiw, lol.  on a side note, the shelter held up great …

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