Long Term Survival Shelter.

Long Term Survival Shelter.

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This is a video on how to build a long term survival shelter as the Swedish army often use, this shelter is great at capturing the heat from the fire and make it warm and comfortable when you are sleeping in it.


  1. Daft. Should cut the trees then take them to the site and cut the boughs right where you can use them! Also, can split spruce roots to make the twine.

  2. nice, what about a Dakota fire hole??

  3. All it needs now is a raised pole bed and your laughing nice work bra

  4. Angelus Josefus

    duplicate the Shelter on front .. and there s a house xD

  5. Why 15 seconds of black in middle of video?

  6. lamebubblesflysohigh

    if it is going to be long term, why not do the same thing on the opposite side which would make a hut :)

  7. Very nice my shelter has a similar design it needs a little bit of fine tuning thanks for posting this it was a big help. If you live in the U.S. (I may be off a little on my converstion) but, I think 1.9m is about 6 feet and I think 2.5m is about 8 feet

  8. Seemor Disillusioned

    Good info Thanks  If I may however, after the framework is done and you start putting the skin on, if you start at one corner on the bottom and work towards the other corner and complete the row, move to next row and use same process with each layer it will go faster and your end result will be more water proof.

  9. This is way too high to retain any sort of heat, it should be way lower, preferable so low that you can barely fit under there. Also the flooring/bedding needs to be much thicker…

  10. hi, what s tge music pls?

  11. if you use a shelter like that it might save you but you're going to be miserable

  12. if you bring hundreds of feet of string and a axe . why not just bring a tent with you ?

  13. I am a homeless man in Britain and I am going to do you tube vids too but actually living the life pls watch out for outdoor outlaw 7

  14. Thank you guys for 500,000 views.

  15. TerroristNeutralizer

    Then a 40 MPH wind comes in from the open side.

  16. Half of your shelter is missing.

  17. That's nice. You can even play football with it.

  18. Max MusicalCreation

    Nice video, but the opening is way too big (specialy in height you wont be able to keep the warm air in.

  19. what direction is best to face

  20. Very well done, thanks,respect…….Seven Thunders

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