Living off the Jungle, Wild Foods Tour

Living off the Jungle, Wild Foods Tour

- in Survival Basics

This video is a tour of all the wild foods we ate while in the jungle doing survival skills. There is a massive abundance of food in the jungle.

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  1. 21:00 big ass chicken for free range :O

  2. Ethical Warrior

    This would have been perfect if you didn't kill any animals in the process. I have spent a lot of time in the jungle as a vegan and it is a fascinating experience. You guys have all the skills necessary to do the same. Hope you will consider it as a compassionate suggestion from a friend?

  3. blablablabla…. hmmmm EAT EAT EAT EAT hmmm i'm american… EAT EAT EAT… blablabla!!!!

  4. how exactly did you catch that agouti.

  5. That's great for u guys to live in the quieted jungle out there and u can find any food for survival…there's a peace of mind out there,and not worry to pay the bills or taxes"free world",and have fun.

  6. Abdulrahman Bilaal


    wow sucks

  7. Abdulrahman Bilaal


  8. Abdulrahman Bilaal

    Bruno gay nas low habrick koali nando

  9. petru-lucian Todor

    survival school that goes into the jungle with a guide 😀 good one.

  10. Enjoyed the video. Good to see you Rob, Cyrus and Brian. Miss you guys!
    Take care From Dee in Vegas

  11. Bunch of dodo's running into a jungle with headlamps & parangs and brag how fast they can setup tent and found food in a survival situation lol. Gimme a break man

  12. Michael Campbell

    you guys are awesome I wish I could do what you guys do.

  13. Shitty music and they are native people, Indians live in India. Try to get this right you lost Europeans living in the wrong continents.

  14. whats the name of this wilderness instructor?

  15. and so called aguta is not how you pronounce it. it is aguti

  16. and BTW breadfruit is not like French fries

  17. lol all that they are doing is normal for me because of where I live and I am a 11 year old kid

  18. The Niteshifter

    It's not survival, its thriving.

  19. create 12 days alone in the wild :v

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