Lifesystems Survival Shelter

Lifesystems Survival Shelter

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A lightweight survival shelter for up to 3 persons, or 2 people with rucksacks. An essential item of safety equipment for any outdoor activity, survival shelters are now increasingly used by mountain rescue teams, outdoor centres, hiking clubs and youth groups. Originally designed as lightweight emergency shelters, they create a surprisingly warm and sheltered internal microclimate. They can also be useful for meal breaks, route planning, map reading or any other situation that requires a warm, sheltered environment.
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  1. does it have holes the vent air in and out? Or if you seal the bottom to well, you might suffocate.

  2. Charlotte Proctor

    Perhaps you should consider doing a video of how DofE peeps their things (e.g. tents) back into their bags. Tricky. Where can I find one of these?

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