Life In The Mountains After A Bug Out Scenario

Life In The Mountains After A Bug Out Scenario

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The second day of our survival bug out trip. Read full details:

Day two of our survival outing brought a bit of sun. We went into town on a “scavenging” trip to get some wood to start building our cabin.

On our return to camp I discovered a mess in the bed of the truck. My bed had moved and the batteries slid across the floor, ripping out wires. Fortunately I had all the tools I needed to fix it up and keep going. Another lesson learned. Secure the bed better for travel.

Our meals for the whole day were again cooked on the SilverFire Hunter biomass stove. I am really loving this stove. You can find the stove here:

This stove cooks for an hour using just a handful of twigs or other biomass materials. I will be further experimenting with this stove and testing various materials in it during the coming weeks.

My homemade truck camper sink was perfect for washing dishes or hands in comfort. I am very happy I have it with me. Survival does not have to mean living in the dark ages. I like my modern comforts if I ever need to bug out in a shtf scenario.

I helped Erick build the foundation and frame for his new cabin floor. Afterward we set up some plywood and camp chairs to enjoy the fruit of our labors.

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  1. '' BIG GHOST '' DA BOSS


  2. Yes one person can do it with some ingenuity and a few more basic tools..
    ….. That "foundation" will never work for even a small house.. Walking on the floor, opening, closing doors and wind causes vibrations that will move the whole house and dislodge those smaller stones.. Also, those log sections will rot way before th house itself..

  3. beautiful location!!

  4. Accidents don't happen, they are caused.

  5. right on guys, looks good

  6. 7:50 that's exactly why you field test everythign before a disaster 🙂
    Now you know to build brackets to secure all your gear before a real disaster were to occur

  7. Love the tip on the rechargeable lights.  Going to pick some up. Thanks.

  8. ManOfMany Thingz

    finish it

  9. thunderlord2200

    whats the point in building up a shelter?  if ur bugging out im sure theres alot others going to do so to and most of them are going to be hungry because they never got ready for something like this… im sure there will be alot of killing and looting going on. i would of think it would be to kee moving so u dont get found. (UNLESS u have a bunker u made somewhere)

  10. framing a floor is not what you did you need a better fondation should have a footer or your rocks will sink in a freeze thaw

  11. What would you be 'bugging out' from? A GOP take over, a nuclear war, global warming, Equal Rights for ALL? 


  13. Not trying to be a jerk. I love your topic here. Fun!!  you can trim out 70% of "fat" from your vid though.  just get to each point quickly.. better edit.  also, please read a basic instructional on how to build.  those silly rocks will not hold a log building.  and you need the right fasteners…  good start however!! Entertaining

  14. Hey FYI batteries vent toxic gases. And not recommended to keep then in confined spaces. So you glass pac batteries like optimas. Anyways nice set up keep it up. 

  15. That there is a fine sink you got buddy. Glad to see you putting it to work.

  16. Joist hangers and nails. The shear strength of those drywall screws is nothing. 

  17. Amongst Edibles

    joist hangers–joist hangers–joist hangers on each end of each joist–Or else you gonna be SORRY!

  18. Nice we do that in us with smaller cones… have to google bunya pine now lol

  19. ManOfMany Thingz

    Nice video Mr…Hey can we see you take your truck in the dirt?

  20. where did you get the solar panel? did I miss that episode?

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