Lebanon: Surviving the Snow

Lebanon: Surviving the Snow

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Thousands of refugees across Lebanon have been struggling to keep warm and protect their shelters this week as severe winter storms bring plummeting temperatures, heavy snow, strong winds and lashing rain to the region.

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Since the Syria crisis began almost four years ago, more than 1.1 million Syrians have sought shelter in Lebanon. Around 400,000 of them live in north-east Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley, an area that has been swept by bitterly cold storms and blanketed in storm. Aid organizations have been helping the vulnerable to survive.

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  1. Lebanon is poor too! Hope the war end soon and they can go back to Syria!

  2. Sharing, Justice and Peace for all will Save Our Planet.

  3. Oh my…

  4. so bad that lebanese government not doing anything for those poor people… maybe if they were christians they could do something

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