Learning Survival Skills With The San Diego School Of Survival

Learning Survival Skills With The San Diego School Of Survival

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Learning Skills With The San Diego School Of Survival
To learn more about the San Diego School Of Survival click here:

I had a chance to hang out with Brady Pesola owner of the San Diego School Of Survival as he was instructing a class of students from a local high school. Follow along with us as we take you through the day. We will cover basic shelters, water treatment and fire starting skills.
San Diego School of Survival specializes in teaching you to survive many different types of situations that may  happen from time to time. From survival in the outdoors, to urban survival during disasters, Their instruction could help you and most importantly, your family, during dire circumstances.
They offer many courses, from beginners all the way to seasoned professionals and even Military,Special Forces and Law Enforcement. We teach Land Navigation, Wilderness Survival,  and Human Tracking, in many different topographies, and climates

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  1. Great video for a fly Jon. I couldn't help but notice I didn't see any Tarp Buddy devices at work. LOL. Great to see the younger generation getting out into the outdoors.

  2. Good stuff John.  Thanks buddy!

  3. Good Stuff, Wingman!!  ;-)

  4. Looks like a good time out.  Keep ur tinder dry and your lips wet!

  5. Very fun 

  6. no airgun, like those airgun for survival and bush crafting airguns? hahaha, but good vid btw…

  7. Great vid, the kids learned a lot of stuff that day! Cheers, Marc

  8. I'm first!!!!

  9. Survival On Purpose

    Great video Wingman! It looked like those kids were really engaged and having a great time.

  10. GREAT Video!  Always good seeing kids outdoors rather then attached to video games.

  11. Wish I had this when I was a kid. Boy scouts was a joke 30 years ago 

  12. Good to see kids learning…

  13. wingman this was one of the best videos you have done truly  seeing young people learn and grow all i can say great

  14. Good to see the youth getting involved in that type of activity.

  15. Cool I'm a San Diegin I didn't know we had a school survival!

  16. New video up on the channel.

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