KRS-ONE & BUCKSHOT – “Survival Skills” (Music Video)

KRS-ONE & BUCKSHOT – “Survival Skills” (Music Video)

- in Survival Skills

KRS-ONE & BUCKSHOT debut the video for their title track, “SURVIVAL SKILLS,” directed by Todd Angkasuwan. Follow the two legends through a maze of obstacles as they show what it takes to sustain longevity.

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  1. Zajebiste, Numer Raz dzieki Czlowiek:]


    more catchy. more updated even in the video. enjoyed it and real, but sorry love the pop rap. if you do lively and lovely like we do, it works. but mad love to KRS and Buck on this.

  3. Копатель Петров

    bitches dont know that this was on radio in MW2.

  4. why isn't this more famous

  5. Being a true KRS-One fan brought me here.

  6. hot HOT

  7. I did die, but now I'm back. Back for the son-of-a-bitch who murdered me.

  8. bad green screen keying

  9. yeahhh niggaaaa

  10. Damn this song is so relevant to the whole Kendrick Lamar situation. Bringing back true hip-hop!

  11. one love peace to the true gods.ahki fela.b uzn 61.ozzzzzzz

  12. This is that ninja sht

  13. ninja gaiden z yaiba bitches!!!!!!

  14. Well to be honest, I don't understand the "facepalm" reference either. Just saying that it looks awkward having the two of them stand next to each other when KRS is like two feet taller and has to bend down just to stay in the same shot as Buckshot. If they where shot separately it would have looked better. I can't explain it any better than that.

  15. C'mon, man. You know they shoulda shot those two separately, like on computer screens or something…I'm fans of both of them, by the way. I still listen to Buckshot's "How Many Emcees…" that has a KRS's voice sampled on it.

  16. 0:34 Who's that little boy KRS1 is walking with?

  17. somebodyelseathome

    Can anyone tell me what instrument is playing at the very beginning of the song? I've heard the sound before in Gears of War and always wondered what it was.

  18. and you brought me to the Ninja Gaiden Z trailer. don't know about the game but the trailer is so badass with this song.

  19. Gears of War anybody?

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