Jungle Survival Instructor- Shelter Building 101

Jungle Survival Instructor- Shelter Building 101

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This video will show you some basic jungle survival techniques for surviving in these environments.

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  1. Ever considered going on the series Alone? Even if you don't win it will promote your series and business.

  2. If someone were in that EXACT situation, would it also be a good idea to tap that tree for water?

  3. 5:10 bullshit!

  4. Oh, and there's lots of flat, wide debris, which holds heat best and is better for water proofing shelter, you could make a bowl from a big leaf, this place looks like it would be a fun place to survive in

  5. No to take awa from these guys but it seems much easier to survive in these situations then in a lot of other places. One you don't have to worry about freezing to death, two, youve got natural rope all over the darn place, third, a multitude of edible plants, granted there are also more poisonous ones in the jungle. Four, softer wood, there are probably more, it just strikes me as a easier place to survive.

  6. cool shelter building

  7. Wow! Amazing vid

  8. Jaguar Burrito. Kidding. Very cool.

  9. I love the internet lol cheers from Australia man love it

  10. How long did it take to build?

  11. mice video thanks friend

  12. awesome shelter build. I can't wait for the snow to leave. gives me a little jungle fever

  13. Wouldn't you need mosquito netting? I imagine you'd get broke off if you didn't. 

  14. Outstanding shelter, but it won't keep you alive.. There's no mud to conceal you from the predator! 

  15. Glad this video is HD I like to sightseeing

  16. joulupukki tarinoita

    Hey sigma how can i survive in deserdetisland if i haw only letherman's 2010 Style ps whit me???

  17. This is very interesting. Where did they film this? 

  18. Good video!
    I always wonder, If a good combo of machete + folding saw would make any sense on those circumstances…or the folding saw is a waste of weight!?

  19. What about the biggest issue: WATER.

  20. Sigma 3 Survival School

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