Jungle survival – Cooking fish in the Amazon

Jungle survival – Cooking fish in the Amazon

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  1. lol you can find grilling anywhere in the world XD not just in america

  2. I've seen it all but this must be the dumbest way to cook a fish ever.

  3. Podia, pelo menos, ter limpado essas porcarias…

  4. I'm a piranha they live in the Amazon

  5. Bush Camping Tools

    Like the Piranha ! Good to eat I believe.

  6. Piranha guts contain human flesh.

  7. كتير حلو

  8. Piranha's might be ok eating, that big one is definitely a garbage fish though, and you need to gut that shit!

  9. Faded “Wogs” Paul

    Try wrapping them in a leaf :)

  10. The Survival Channel (Survivalists R Us)

    Great video my friend. Keep up the good work !

  11. PIRANHA…!! they eat human guys!! well i don't know if they ever did that, but… i prefer not to eat that fish…

  12. You guys ever eat clams before? The cruchy thing when you're chewing on it is their shit. Stingy mofos.

  13. Thanks for sharing! Have goals to travel to the Amazon at some point in my life.

  14. this is what happens when white doods who think they know survival go out in the jungle.. they get feed shit fish to show how dumb they are.. let me guess your guide told you it's normal amazon fish dont require celeaning… lol

  15. those fishes look like shit lol

  16. they don't even gut them , disquesting. Imagine the pee and all that shit get inside

  17. Tak real..

  18. muito bom um peixe assado (y)

  19. good good

  20. Wow that's a lot of fish

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