Introduction to My Primitive Tools

Introduction to My Primitive Tools

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20 This is some of the primitive tools I use while practicing my primitive skills in the field. They are a lot of fun and can really challenge your mind and skills set.


  1. Well, okay. Keep at it; I gave you a thumbs up. You are probably aware that you are a novice, hobby guy. Brain-tan skins until you have a winter outfit; make adzes, axes, and knifes; make clay pots you can cook on a fire; and don't trust anyone but a botanist about plants.

  2. that is a small basket for harvesting. maybe i eat too much who knows.

  3. Awesome place to start for a beginner like myself. Thanks for sharing!

  4. You only need to make primitive shoes and skins. And a wrist watch.

  5. how do you carry all that while your out and about? i have a basic set of tools to make things.most other stuff like a basket, bowl, ect. i make that when im out and just leave it.i have a couple of pouches that hold my tools and a possibles bag to carry everything in.

  6. Paiute dead fall. take a lot of whittling notches and stuff. try something similar. youll need a Y stick, and a twig with opposite leave nubs on it. the nubs ride in the crotch of the Ystick. you still have to tie some cordage on like a Paiute deadfall trigger with the toggle. everything i just mentioned can be made in the wild with absolutely nothing but your hands. i use nettles for cordage when i make them. it actually works much better than a Paiute deadfall or a figure 4. because you can place the Ystick in the ground or on top. and it wont be in the way of the thing falling because you just use a long more stout lift stick and bait stick.

  7. Thanks for uploading, excellent tool kit. Really liked the vertebrate for the bow drill spindle.

  8. Wanna be careful scraping hide with that. Easy to cut a hole with that. You're better off with a shoulder bone scraper or stone scraper for hide (not too sharp, you wanna scrape, not cut).

  9. what's the bow string?

  10. Website

    Nice primitive tools! If you like homemade tools, you're always welcome on our homemade tools forum 🙂

  11. Kinda hard to think thousands of years ago, this set of tools would have been the equivalent of owning every new piece of tech on the market…. You would've blown their minds with that cow vertebrate stick straightener.

  12. Working Class Woodsman

    Great video man, thanks..

  13. Superbe kit primitif très complet, bravo désolé je n'écris pas en anglais.
    Merci pour la présentation, by by Julien.

  14. SasqautchSurvivalist

    Beautiful work man love the bow, I used duct tape to hold mine together but never thought any cord would work, btw nice arrows like the fletchings. Many thanks for showing this to us. Keep it up!

  15. I just learned a lot. You are on top of your game, good job bro.

  16. I just learned a lot. You are on top of your game, good job bro.

  17. pam cass (mars is alive)



  19. I like your cattail coal burning tube. How did you burn the pith out of the tubes length?

  20. you could also use the cow peace as a mini club or if you really wanted to try placing rock bits onto it and use it as a spike club

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