Introducing Bushcraft Kit – Real Survival Tools

Introducing Bushcraft Kit – Real Survival Tools

- in Survival Skills

Introducing Bushcraft Kit - Real Survival Tools – Introducing Bushcraft Kit for Beginners. Here we take a look at different knives and their uses, axe, firebow, tinder, firesteel
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  1. Why have they made axes for donkeys?

  2. great kit thank you for sharing.

  3. wait a minut, you took out he firesteel and replaced in with a ferrocerium rod in ur neck pouch thingy

  4. Granny, what a wide aspect ratio you have…

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  6. Forrester Bushcraft

    Cool video mate particularly liked the limpet shell idea im going to give that a go a I think!! Ive also subbed you

  7. Love the Scandinavian knifes, they are great knifes to carry. Planing to get one soon, probably a finish knife.

  8. how is he a nerd you are

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  10. Sweden!

  11. CounterCultureOK

    NIce, check out my mini bic mod for keeping things small.

  12. NaturalBushcraft

    As I said in the video I don't carry all those items together. It doesn't hurt to learn old methods/techniques infact to the contrary it makes you a more knowledgeable person giving you an insight and appreciation into the ways of our ancestors, this can actually teach you how and why more modern methods work so well.

  13. Why would you carry a traditional iron steel for sparks when you have a ferro rod? Isn't it heavy not as effective?

  14. midnightcowboyz

    Thanks for the video, very useful, I really like your channel too. I was wondering if you could tell me (I couldn't hear in the video) the name of the fungus you were displaying as tinder? I've hear of Fomes fomentarius and Phellinus ignarius used in that way (about to try with the Fomes this weekend for the first time with steel striker), but not the … concentrica that you were showing. Thank you!

  15. Is it really necessary to insult Americans because you dont like his comments??It seems that all I see on here is Brits insulting Americans.An American could say " I thought the U.K. was just no dentist and people w/ rotten teeth…." It's all nonsense.

  16. Good tips cheers

  17. what brand of axe is that again? how much was is?

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