INCH BAG. Long Term Wilderness Survival Gear Part 1

INCH BAG. Long Term Wilderness Survival Gear Part 1

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This is the gear I have tested and use, Myself, my Son and my Son in law will do a in the field use vid this April of all our gear during a 2 day backwoods trip.
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  1. forestwalker outdoors

    i am a ground sleeper too, if i can i sleep on the ground. but i always carry a hammock with me
    1., just in case i can't sleep on the ground 2., it is also works as a quick set up chair if u tired and want to have some rest
    i like ur kit it is good, well done!

  2. NUTELLA JOE!!!!!

    So many weapons lol

  3. Do when the hell is your multi tool

  4. Holy shit. If this is heavy for you i have to downgrade it to 15-19 kg then… I'm about 160 pounds. If this is long term wilderness survival, shouldn't you take a lot of seeds for agriculture. Just asking. great gear collection.

  5. There's nothing wrong with an item being "gimmicky" as long as it actually works

  6. Nice, a lot of knives and lights, maybe get one of those crank/solar radios that will charge AA batteries.  Also maybe learn to use flint/steel as it will last a lot longer than a fire steel (really useful with punk wood), also instead of that blow up mattress deal maybe a foam mat that have some pretty nice ones now and more reliable in the long run.  You trap so you know those snares are a one time use most times.  Would rather have a couple more 110's maybe a couple fishing yoyo's cause most the time I'm hunting deer I only see rabbits and squirrels and when I'm hunting squirrel I only see deer, so I prefer passive game getting.  And don't mind the comfort haters, I put in a couple comfort items in my bag too like the foam mat, salt, pepper and Franks hot sauce.

  7. Oh…. I don't think you have enough weapons… Should carry a couple more knives and guns…

  8. DisabledPrepper

    I was sold at the SIG Sauer 9mm! I knew you would be talking my language! Warm regards. Disabled^Prepper

  9. can u make a video packing ur I.n.c.h bag

  10. "nothing is really expensive here…" if guns are cheap then I would have all the guns ever made but here in dubai 1 gun is for more than 1200$ and I've been to America and do the Cheapest gun they had was for 128$ and I can't get guns into other places

  11. this video is boring af becuase you sound soooo depressed be more upbeat and people will enjoy your video more

  12. I'm not against a heavy knife and a hatchet or tomahawk.  It's what any good woodsman would do.  I do question whether a Schrade is a good choice.  Even their 1095 steel knives are low grade steel with cheap heat treatment.  In a real INCH situation, you're knife may need o last forever.  A Schrade is not likely to do this.  Get a Ka-bar.  Ka-bar has the best 1095 steel in the world, and 1095 is what you want in any long term scenario.  If you want a great, really heavy knife, get the Ka-bar Big Brother.  Not only is it made from the best 1095 there is, and with the best heat treatment, it has true serrations on the back of the blade where they belong.  A partially serrated edge is the worst thing you can carry into the wilderness.  It's just wasted space and added weight for no reason.    As for food, a .22lr is good, and a shotgun is probably better, but long term, ninety percent or more of your protein will come from trapping and fishing, primarily along water.   Even a middling size stream can feed a family easily.. Fish, turtles, frogs, crawdads, mussels,  and muskrats live in streams.  So do beaver, depending on where you live. All sorts of animals come to drink or to catch their own food.  Waterfowl also use a stream.

  13. This guy wouldn't last long in the wild, works really good!!!!!! Lol

  14. you can tell by a person's kit who has and hasn't been in a wilderness survival situation whether staged or not. you have a start but you need to go out for a week long trek with just your kit to see what you'd like to toss and keep. you have 2 sharpeners 3 or 4 lights. I carry about the same weight in gear but you'll find you don't need a lot of the gimmicky stuff you keep mentioning. and you'll find what you want to spend more money on based of your use.

  15. Do you have back up sights for your Ar-15? If your optic were to break somehow you may be wishing you had some flip up magpul ones if you dont already.

  16. John Greyman1776

    I like the mini tackle kit.

  17. leftoverspaghetti4u

    If it has batteries… it doesn't belong in a real inch bag.

  18. thank you!

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