Igbo Survival Kit- The Basics!!

Igbo Survival Kit- The Basics!!

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My very own Igbo Survival Kit!!!

My name is Amarachi and I will be discussing different ways of speaking in Igbo!

I am not an expert in Igbo, I am learning the language myself! I am merely sharing parts of what I have learnt/am learning with you 🙂

I have devised an Igbo survival kit packed with basic Igbo phrases, designed to help you survive In Igboland.

The phrases used are as follows:

Olee otu imere
Ekele ndi enyi m
Ekele ndi enyi gi
Kedu kordi
Kedu ka i mere
O di m mma
A di m mma
Ahu di m mma
Ututu oma
I boola chi
I saala chi
Ka chi fo
Ko o bo
Abali oma
Kedu afa gi
Gini bu afa gi
Ah a m bu
Af a m bu
Ife gi amaka
Nyere m aka
Gini bu nsogbu
Chere e be
Soro m
Nwere nwanyo


A na m asu Igbo ntakiri, nwere nwanyo na-okwu!!!

I hope you find these phrases helpful!

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  1. Kasoobya Nakintu

    Amara,it's good.Though the background music is kind of too loud.

  2. Nice, but you gotta ditch the music. Makes it harder to understand.


    ama why do stop making am sorry for my rude comment b4 am so sorry

  4. Emeka Iwuchukwu

    The literal meaning of Daalu is "thank you" while that of Imeela is "you/ve done well"

  5. Emeka Iwuchukwu

    Another name for central igbo is "igbo izugbe"

  6. Keep it up….never too late to learn.

  7. Just subscribed. Please keep on posting new clips like this, but you may have to turn down the background music. 

  8. Isiala ngwa north local government. .. 

  9. i'm Ngwa tooo!!! north or south?

  10. Ekaterina Mironycheva

    Very interesting and helpful.Imela)

  11. Omg! I am Ngwa too!! Do you come to the annual Ngwa convention? You would be a big help to the Igbo classes being taught. Im so desperately trying to learn Igbo, so I definitely subscribed to you! How long have you been speaking Igbo, and how did you learn?

  12. This is so great Amarachi! With UNESCO predicting the extinction of the Igbo language in the next 50 years, I have realized that by not knowing the language, I am only contributing to this. Hopefully your series can help me master Igbo once and for all 🙂
    Dalu! xo

  13. onyinyechi wisdom Esiowu

    Amarachi Daalu. I have totally subscribed, you doing a great job here.. teaching us Igbo in an enjoyable way. Chukwu gozie gi.

    P.S. I mara mma :)

  14. Lol I love this ngwa kwezu'onu :)

  15. Excellent job! I'm struggling to learn myself. Please keep up the good work for those of us in the struggle together lol!

  16. …..all smiles……it only gets better darling 🙂  

  17. I love what you are teaching, but it is hard to hear the pronunciation because the background music is to laud.  

  18. luv it!  keep 'em coming!  ..

  19. I love this I am also trying to learn igbo this is so much help

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