I Am Alive: Surviving the Andes Plane Crash

I Am Alive: Surviving the Andes Plane Crash

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I Am Alive: Surviving the Andes Plane Crash

A documentary film directed by Brad Osborne The film mixed reenactments with interviews with the survivors and members of the 1972 Andes Flight Disater. Also interviewed were Piers Paul Read, renowned mountain climber Ed Viesturs, Andes Survivors expert and alpinist Ricardo Peña, historians, expert pilots, and high-altitude medical experts.


  1. l love you good friends

  2. honor ham great man this 2.hero

  3. My God there was a hotel just 18 miles away!

  4. Came to watch this as soon as I was assigned this book in my English class. Amazing story!!!

  5. 1972 and 72 days odd? They lucky some have made it out of there.

  6. after I saw the movie I always wondered about the part where the plane flies over and then tilt its wings like they saw them. Did that pilot actually see them? Or was it something else?

  7. This documentary was incredible. The movie back in the early 90s was also great. This story is one of the most incredible stories of survival and what it took to make it through a tragedy. Alive was one of my favorite films. All passengers on this plane are real heroes!

  8. It happened on Friday the 13th?
    Gosh thats an eerie coincidence.

  9. so what the f happened to the rescuers wtf

  10. Incredible.

  11. I would of tried to find of the rest of the broken plane first, check it for the rest of the food.

  12. Cynical Atheist

    The movie that they made on this- "Alive"-does not do this any justice at all.
    I've seen it several times, and I can easily say that all it did was skim the surface…if that.
    It made all of this look hard, but doable. They made the cannibalism seem like they had a few tiny slivers of meat for a few days, and that was it.
    They don't really show us that they all had consumed at least 20+ human bodies over that time. I'm pretty disappointed that they didn't make the movie the way it should be.
    These brave souls, and especially the deceased, deserve to have their story told the way it should be.
    Fucking Hollywood.
    Maybe a remake is in order. If so then they need to get more in depth and definitely have to use younger kids from 17-20. Not this Hollywood bullshit where they portray 17 year olds with 30 year old actors.

  13. Cynical Atheist

    "If they would have gone east, there was a hotel only 18 miles away from them."

    Holy shit! I'd be pissed!!!

  14. Cynical Atheist

    I know that the movie is very very accurate as to what happened here. Probably one of the most accurate "true stories" to make it to the big screen.
    But all of the actors in the movie were in their early-late 20's…some were even in their 30's and they looked like adults.
    The thing about that is that these were all kids. Very young kids. Which, to me, makes this all even more disturbing.
    I couldn't even imagine doing what they did at 17 or 18.

  15. Cynical Atheist

    What bothers me most about this story is the fact that, had they not survived or found rescue, then we would never know how amazing and brave these souls were. And how Nando put his life on the line to save himself and the others.

    Such a true heroic story.

  16. To be in their situation, and then hear that the search for them has been completely called off?
    Wow, I couldn't even possibly imagine how that would feel.

  17. very touching real story …..nd emotional …..speechless..u guys are amazing in real life …..GOd bless u …

  18. courageous man

  19. What an amazing and inspiring example of the human spirit and will to survive! I have watched this and other documentaries about this event a few times and I still get goosebumps at certain moments. I have so much respect and am in awe of all these people, especially the ones who took the great risk and adventure to get help. I don't believe in God but if they do, God bless you, over and over. If not, I just wish you the most happiness and health for as long as you live, and I hope it is long. Such an inspiration to all, especially with all the terrible things going on around us in the world. Thank you, and lots of love!!!!!

  20. Not cannibalism. That's when u feed on humans when there are other sources of food available. A craving for human flesh if you will.

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