How To Tie A Hangman’s Noose Knot – Survival Skills

How To Tie A Hangman’s Noose Knot – Survival Skills

- in Survival Skills

Knowing how to tie a hangman’s noose or hangman’s knot can come in really handy if you need an adjustable knot that won’t slip open. They are the recommended knot to use with the Tarp Buddy fasteners I reviewed a few weeks ago.

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  1. Historically, it has been illegal to tie a hangman's knot at some times and places. I suspect that it was an attempt to pin responsibility for a mob act (like lynching) on a specific person, and thus stop the process at that point. I never have heard of an arrest for tying one. But the political correctness idiots consider that knot racist….against Blacks, who would claim victimhood on all lynchings. Obviously they are ignorant of the fate of horse thieves, and other serious criminals in the Old West.

    And I don't know if it is fact or myth, but a real hangman's noose is supposed to have 13 loops. That is probably to keep it from slipping, and cause a quick neck break rather than slow strangulation. A cheery thought indeed.

    PS If you are going to do some knots, a useful one is the jug knot, good for putting handles on a bottle that has no handle. The jug knot, like almost all knots, can be found In Clifford Ashley's "Ashley's Book of Knots" probably the best and most complete encyclopedia of knots ever written.

  2. Tried to hang myself but the knot came undone under the weight. Bad knot

  3. Thanks! Now i can kill myself!

  4. MacKenzie Parker

    Great tips and tricks for survival. Also nice knot tying demonstration. Another great knot to tie two ropes of unequal diameter together is the sheet bend.

  5. Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Foskey

    Thanks i know a new knot now….. i always hear in ga , use the granny knot for everything lol..

  6. thanks

  7. Great video Bryan. I have been asked by individuals to do a video on how to make this knot that we suggest using with the Tarp Buddy but have not gotten around to it. I will post a link to this video on our website. This will help a lot of people out there. Thank you, Dan

  8. Leander Yazzie (Wildman86)

    I did it I made it yesss! I'm the greatest man alive!……uh no.
    anyway thanks for the tutorial on this knot always wanted to learn how to make this since reading mockingjay.

  9. package sent Bryan:) THANKS again for cool you tube video's:)

  10. Cool i like that i need to practise more with my paracord. Hehehe finaly you got him our little stinky but but i guess he was just hanging around in the hood 🙂 Greets

  11. love your knot making / rope tieing videos easily the best on youtube very informative and dummy proof
    also love the cameo of the hanging stuffed teddy haha

  12. It would be awesome if you do more "Survival Skill" videos especially with knots which are great things to know. Great video Bryan and thanks.

  13. It looks like that knot would also do well to fasten cordage to a tarp with the Tarp Buddy's poor cousin: the pebble. I've never tried that trick, I've got some rolls of plastic in the garage, I'll have to give it a go.

  14. ShootingandStuffwithTrees

    Cool video

  15. Wah!! You hanged Pipi! More seriously that was cool. Should work great for suspending food in a tree or whatever.

  16. in your opinion, is there an advantage to this over a taught-line hitch?

  17. Good video Brian. I wish there were more vids on knots. One thing I have struggled with. A bud of mine teases me and says if ya can't tie knots,tie lots. lol. Cheers.

  18. I showed some people that I knew how to tie a hangman's noose and it really freaked them out. I tried to explain that the knot has more practical applications than morbid ones but they had already shut off their minds. I hate it when people choose ignorance over practical skills. And FYI, the hangman's noose is only used in executions when you have a short drop gallows. If you were going to hang someone from a tree or from a long drop gallows you would want to use taut line hitch, a small bowline loop with the standing end fed back through, or something similar. The hangman's knot has a very specifically engineered purpose for execution and without the gallows is not more effective at hanging.

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