How To Survive In The Wilderness (Wilderness Survival Tips)

How To Survive In The Wilderness (Wilderness Survival Tips)

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How To Survive In The Wilderness (Wilderness Survival Tips)

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In this video we’ll share 4 vital wilderness survival tips will show you how to survive in the wilderness effectively. These survival skills will help you if you ever have to live in the wilderness or find yourself in the woods.

For a starters don’t assume that river water is safe. You should always take with you equipment for purifying your water which we’ll talk about more in depth in the video.

Fire is also obviously important in the wilderness as it helps you to cook meals and keep yourself warm so we will also be covering some fire starting tricks in this video too.

Knowing how to signal for help is also important and should be done from a hill where you can then send smoke signals to signal to others that you need help.


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    4 Vital Tips For Surviving In The Wilderness…

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