How To Survive in the Philippine Jungle: Match-less Fire Building

How To Survive in the Philippine Jungle: Match-less Fire Building

- in Survival In The Jungle

Jun of TreeTop Adventures Subic demonstrates fire building WITHOUT matches in the natural ambiance of the Philippine jungle. Survival skills: check.


  1. is it fresh bamboo or dried dead bamboo ? thks

  2. Lê Trung Nguyễn

  3. Bravo …

  4. salamat for the lesson on bamboo fire making.

  5. We learned this in boys couts lol

  6. Thank you for uploading this video.
    I will be teaching this to my local villages in north Thailand as they have lost this life saving knowledge.

  7. real survival skill . . . want to learn it

  8. you a monster…

  9. galing, nanonood pa ako ng mga DUAL SURVIVAL, meron plang local

  10. Excellent video. Between you and junglecrafty. can now start a fire with bamboo saw

  11. Jimalden Moquete

    The voice of the girl is cute.

  12. Very slick! Very cool to see how it's done in other parts of the world.

  13. Very cool


  15. Your right. without the skills, a good bolo & local knowledge to survive- the jungle is going to be hell.


  16. very resourceful! galing ng pinoy!

  17. excellent presentation!

  18. to those who are making fun of his diction.. wait till you are stuck in a jungle and see if your good english diction can help you survive.

  19. it's a 'ginunting" i guess

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