How to Survive Hiking in the Appalachian Mountains : How to Find Food in the Appalachian Mountains

How to Survive Hiking in the Appalachian Mountains : How to Find Food in the Appalachian Mountains

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How to find food in the Appalachian Mountains in this free how-to video.

Expert: David Jackel
Bio: As a singer, David Jackel knows the dire effects that a cold can have on his ability to perform.
Filmmaker: David Jackel


  1. If I have a little piece of food left over, I'm gonna eat it instead of putting it in a hole for bait. I grew up in the Appalachians and still hike, hunt and camp here. The way we do it is to take some food with us. It works really well.

  2. Don't listen to this idiot, he is completely incapable of surviving a night in a motel let alone the wilderness. Don't waste your time foraging for plants or trying to trap animals, you will expend more energy than you will replace. The best option is to turn over deadfall and eat any insects that have six legs or less. These will give you more protein than anything you can trap and are easy and plentiful to find. Also, you won't end up attracting bears to your location with the smell of food. There is much more that I want to share but don't have room to do so. Always carry Flint & Steel and 2 trash bags (55 gallon to make a tube tent) 

  3. both foraging options for when you "run out of food" involved using food… the trap you made was worse than something our ancestors 3 mya could have done… and no one has ever caught a fish in those fast moving rivers and streams with a spear.  this video is childish 

  4. Is this a joke?! I grew up in these mountains in SC and spent the majority of my life in the Marine Corps. This "advice" would cause you to starve to death or get the crap beaten out of you for messing with other hikers. Learn some REAL survival skills and make a new video but in the mean time, delete this one!

  5. The Final Paradigm

    That's it guys…. we have found the missing ExpertVillage idiot.

  6. @expertvillage
    I ask that you remove ALL videos about survival because it is clear you people know noting at all about survival and the crap you put out is going to get someone hurt or killed

  7. I was lucky I had my iPhone too otherwise I wouldn't have had anything to kick in the water when I got bored.

  8. dude don't laugh. i was lucky i had my iphone with me while hiking… otherwise i would not have thought to spear fish

  9. Having the knowledge of foraging will insure adequate and comfortable survival in the appalachians for at least 9 months out of the year. I understand what you are saying about finding people though. Those without good plant knowledge should do just that.

  10. greggregoryvigilant

    This is so funny its worth watching. Begging for food off other hikers. lol.

  11. I sure hope your not stuck in these woods long because you would starve to death.Thats it, thats your advice?Im sorry I cant stop laughing.

  12. And if you hear banjos….RUN!!!

  13. catch food with food..duh

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