How to Make Hardtack – The Original Survival Food – Prepping 101

How to Make Hardtack – The Original Survival Food – Prepping 101

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Learn to make the survival food that has been eaten by soldiers, sailors and journeymen for centuries.
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  1. here in germany it's the opposite: you can only find iodized salt

  2. this old fuck looks like santa

  3. Any leftover biscuits can be used as knife scales..!

  4. uri non sequitur

    Concrete works easier mucking than that crap ! Lol.

  5. William Barnhill

    maybe a pizza cutter with a wheel would make cutting them easier.Also break two tines off a plastic fork to make holes…Just thinking out loud……Great video….thanks

  6. Just stick 16 brads through a square of wood.

  7. the intro/outro music is too loud man…

  8. armandsdamanhoo

    that's too much effort to make sustenance food.

  9. Ultimate Unnamed

    And the will live on forever ;_)

  10. Diana van Sloten

    Nice recipe! I will make them soon thank you. Now, come over to Holland and I will show you how to use a knive in the kitchen… ;)

  11. I wonder if you can add raisins, honey and/or nuts to the dough ?

  12. but is it gluten free

  13. Timothy Van Der Schultzen

    The British used require that standard buscuits be baked two times and buscuits. for long voyages be baked four times.

  14. smokeymountainrain

    We made that in a frying pan where i came from, and we called em "johnny cakes", itll keep u alive, but it gets old fast, although, after a few days of hunger, anything tastes better

  15. Blanket Jackson

    Eat these long enough and you'll have to dig a finger in your ass to get the shit out.

  16. Last thing you want to do in a survival situation is break a tooth. DO NOT try and eat these without soaking them, water, coffee, soup is all good.

  17. but it's GMO needs to be non GMO if you can get it before they take it away, and yes they are taking away our Iodine salt cause without it eventually you will die and also be very sick. The Globalist have thought out their plan very well and I would not use bottled water it is not safe only filtered water you filtered.

  18. Brewtus Maximus

    I'm sure you could survive a week with all the left over food found in his nasty ass beard.

  19. Putting holes in them also helps identify the ones that you haven't flipped. : )

    Good info. Thanks.

  20. I might try that  once just so I have the skill to do it , thanks for the info.

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