How to Make a Stone Tool | Survival Skills

How to Make a Stone Tool | Survival Skills

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A knife is a great tool to have if you’re making a cutting board for your fish, it’s a great tool if you’re making kindling, it’s a great tool if you’re making a bow drill. You don’t always have a knife. You should, but if you don’t, you can make the same tools out of stone or bone or antler. It’s been done for a long, long time. Not so much anymore. I have an antler, I have a rock. Between the two of these, we can make a great cutting edge.

And there’s three or four different types of stone I have here. I have some obsidian, which is a volcanic stone. I have some flint, I have some chert. All those are great stones for throwing a really sharp edge. That’s what we’re doing to try to do here, is throw a sharp edge by banging on the stone and getting a flake. Let’s see, we’ll try this one. I now have very sharp knife here, very sharp knife here. This’ll easily open up, cut, and gut my fish, skin a deer, or do any cutting needs that I might have. In fact, this is a piece of deer hide, a piece of leather. And to show how sharp these edges are, I can just take this and slice through it really easily. So leather’s no problem for it, fish shouldn’t be a problem for it.

Beyond that, we can improve these and make them sharper, or give them a handle, which turns them into a knife. So if I wanted to make a handle for this, I could stick it into a piece of wood that I’ve split, like so, take a piece of cordage, throw this on here, and wrap it, pull it really tight so that it’s holding it. I wrap this around and around. I’m going to get a good, nice, tight bite. So I’ve wrapped it in cordage and I’m going to tie it off. This gives me a nice, tight grip on this stone, so that when I go to cut with it, it’ll hold. I’ve got a couple wraps on here and I’m just tying this off. I’m going to pull it tight again. So I’ve taken a piece of obsidian, thrown a nice edge by striking it and breaking it off of a big chunk.

Actually, I threw a couple of edges. By “throwing edges” I mean making a sharp piece that you can use either with a handle by wrapping it, using it as a knife, or by having a chunk that you can hold in your hand and use as a blade. Those’ll work for skinning animals, for cutting wood, whatever you like.


  1. This is all really useful but how the hell are u suppose to get obsideon 

  2. Your so silly, everyone knows you just need 2 sticks 3 cobblestone and a crafting table to make a stone tool!

  3. Tardi Grade Gaming

    dropped a rock at a stronger rock and it shatters. This is how i make a knife

  4. Ahraya prince (Jr)

    What's cortage?

  5. Melissa Velazquez

    And where are you going to grit obsidian

  6. Ooh Alaska hat for thee wiiiiiiiin

  7. I made a tool without these and it cutted

  8. The point is he's not teaching anything. It is easy because it's all at his feet.

  9. no one ever said survival would be easy.. :/

  10. Just to add in, melted plastic from bottles are great for using as glue to keep the flake secure and extra durable.

  11. Hunger games here I come

  12. Leo Enlightened

    Exactly lol ^^

  13. You have a really good point, in this video the crap is just sitting on the ground next to him.

    What kind of wood to use, how to know it's the wood you want, what places to look to more likely find obsidian/flint/stone. This video may as well have been shot in a grocery store as everything is in arms reach.

  14. Leo Enlightened

    ok imagination… what if you had nothing to start off with and you was in the middle of the woods and there was no obsidian or chert or flint

  15. Where do you expect to find obsidian, at the grocery store ?!

    These are VERY readily-available materials in the wild. If you don't have large obsidian deposits in your area you will have either chirt or flint, to which the same process applies.

  16. how to make hammer, shovel, axe, and a house out of nothing

  17. i agree

  18. hhaaaaaa

  19. I have multiple peses of obsidian i have found in the wild

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