How To Identify Poison Ivy – Survival Skills

How To Identify Poison Ivy – Survival Skills

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People are always asking me how to tell if a plant is poison ivy. Here is a quick video showing how to identify poison ivy and poison oak so you can avoid it.

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  1. It's hard to tell sometimes. I always look for the 3 leaves, you can't go wrong there, they can be different colors also. Great video!

  2. The 5 leaf plant was Virginia Creeper.

  3. Have you heard of Giant Hogweed, Brian? Just touching it can make you go BLIND!

  4. The poison iyv is mediation plant. We use those plants on cramped muscle. Specially on older people.

  5. Thanks Brian for that video on poison oak. If I get into it, it obliterates me every time. I have a good idea what it looks like but I appreciate any more looks and any more details that can be given to me because my reaction to it up here in North Georgia. Thanks agian!

  6. I have just recently found your videos and have really enjoyed watching. They're extremely educational and of good length (not overly long as many are).
    Thank you.

  7. Omg ive had it for 3 weeks on my feet and underarm n its insanity!!

  8. How To Identify Poison Ivy 

  9. Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Foskey

    Bryan yep that's some nasty stuff there.. To think about it for a bit, I have never ever been infected bye it , or itching from it, I touched it alot to. I guess im not allergic to it i guess…take care bro, and remember *Keep the heat up there with you LOL(

  10. Awesome stuff! A lot of people do not know this info. I try to help others that incorrectly point out what they believe to be ivy, as well.

  11. What I wanted to add is no matter where you go there's something you just don't want to fall face first into. Keep up the good work.

  12. Thanks Brian, this is good need to know info. We don't have that stuff in the N.W., I don't think. We do however have stinging nettles that grow up to 8' tall in places. We also have devil's club. The stalks and stems of this abomination are covered with needle sharp spines that are from 1/4" to 1" long, and are as thick as hair on a dog's back. Keep up the good work.

  13. Awesome insight"

  14. Thats cool. Would like to see videos on edible plants/insects… I know nobody plans on getting into a sticky situation, but if it does happen, having a little food helps, and knowing what things you do not want to digest…

  15. this was probably the most clear explanation on posion ivy so far i have found!. thanks dude!.now I freaking know!

  16. We doesn`t have Poison Ivy in Germany (according to wiki), but "Heracleum giganteum" and that can ruin your days/weeks too…

  17. A great video and info..thanks Bryan.

  18. Opal Preston Shirley

    Amen to that brother

  19. Yep, that looks like Virginia Creeper at 3 min in.  Thankfully I am not really allergic to poison ivy but my wife is highly allergic to it so I have to be extremely careful not to get the oils on me or I'll pass it on to her.  Excellent show and tell on that nasty stuff.

  20. Great video Bryan (as always).  Besides the 'leaves of three, leave it be' quote I remember from my old Boy Scout Handbook, I think I remember 'berries white, poisonous sight'.  Does that old adage also hold true?

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