How to find north using a watch: Solar navigation, Wilderness survival skills

How to find north using a watch: Solar navigation, Wilderness survival skills

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Bieng able to navigate using nature is an extremely useful skill, always be aware of what direction you are travelling and allways tell someone where you are going
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  1. Thank you. Now I'm going to have more fun hiking.

  2. Survival instructors without the facts that keep teaching this method wrong  are going to get people lost and killed. For Northern Hemisphere dissect clockwise and get South, true, but only for AM, After Noon time (PM), then you have to dissect Counter-Clockwise  To Get South. Or you can just use the original method and remember that when it is PM and you dissect clockwise  then your getting North, not South. But I find its easier to dissect counter clockwise at PM because then you just have to get to the middle of 12 and 2 (or whatever time) , to see South, without having to try and find the middle the long way for PM with the clockwise method to get North. She is showing the counter clockwise method for PM, I've seen other instructors just teach the dissect counter-clockwise method for AM.

    So if its 6AM then you would dissect the numbers from six to twelve on left hand side of watch from 6-7-8-9-10-11-12.  For 6PM you dissect right half of watch which would be between 6-5-4-3-2-1-12

    I like thinking of Left half of watch as AM, and Right half of watch as PM.
    Because AM I dissect left half of watch, for PM I dissect right half of watch.

  3. I guess this is always standard time so fall back one hour during daylight savings.

  4. Use the compass app on my iPhone! Duh….

  5. yeah if you gonna go tracking in snow covered wilderness in the middle of nowhere, use a GPS device or compass and a map, or you will die

  6. Hrvat Hrvatinčić

    She is nice 🙂

  7. I would LOVE to make naked snow angels with you!

  8. I live in Venezuela,guess it would give me north,right?

  9. Very cool, thank you.

  10. Check out this video on YouTube:

  11. Good….but beginners need to know which end of the North/South line points North or South…

  12. Thanks!

  13. provided that your watch much be precise..

  14. What about daylight savings time?

  15. Just for information no criticism intended I have lived in both northern and Southern Hemispheres the Southern Hemisphere method is correct except the direction also changes from south to north take a look at the SAS survival handbook coincidently the hour is 15:00 as well.

  16. i tried it at different hour times and it was wrong, every time north moves to different direction

  17. what if its 3:22 and not exactly 3?

  18. lol i looked at my watch… it was three O'clock here too 😛

  19. Ur pretty cute

  20. Im having a situation where i need to know where on the planet i am. (ea i am dropped somewere on the globe and need to know where i am globally, then witch direction to go) how do i do that without tech?

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