How to build a Survival Shelter – Deciduous Woodland

How to build a Survival Shelter – Deciduous Woodland

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Video showing all the stages involved in making a weatherproof survival shelter in deciduous woodland.
Total build time approx. 2.5 hours. Tree types: Beech and Hazel.

Gear used on this trip:
Fiskars FX5 hatchet (out of production?) – similar axe:
Gerber knife (similar):
Maxpedition Condor II backpack:
Harkila Pro Hunter 10″ Kevlar boots:

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Music: ‘Karnayna’ by Inkubus Sukkubus


  1. i thought bush craft means you use stuff on the ground and not cut live trees

  2. This time I'll use woodprix instructions to make it myself :)

  3. Hi. I'm making a new channel and i was wondering if i could use this shelter build for my channel. if you could tell me that would be great! thanks!

  4. Now that was a good spot to lay out your shelter. Thanks alot i have got lots of info on how to set my shelter up thanks

  5. love all your vids mate …. just done a six foot one of these for me n my disabled son and we love it

  6. If the porch areas was slightly bigger does this type of cover/roof allow smoke from a fire to escape or would you get smoked out inside it ?

  7. Is there any place I can send you some pictures of my one I made off your video

  8. Waldhandwerk - BushcraftSurvival

    Good shelter my friend! Thanks for all the effort you put in your video making. Take care Richard.

  9. Great video, thanks for sharing.

  10. Preston Yarbrough (Shirts Mugs & More)

    I want to go out and try making this type of shelter. Living in the Piney Woods of East Texas (USA), getting pine bows to cover the shelter shouldn't be a problem. Thumbs-up for such a great video.

  11. I would like to make my own shelter in the wild but i live in the North West of England and there's not a lot of places to try 🙁 Btw i really enjoyed your video.

  12. Going to try this and camp out In the weekend thank you

  13. Hi Richard
    I love your shelter, but, I love your metal detecting videos more. They appear to be drying up a bit. Paul (Geordie bloke living in Scotland) :)

  14. Steves Outdoors NE

    Hi Richard. Great shelter but I am not sure on the use if ferns and bracken as bedding though. Its well known that ferns can be a home for ticks, and using what is green plant matter that contains moisture is going to draw heat away from you. Ferns are great to use on the outside though. I would try using leaf litter or dried grasses as bedding. Shame the weather ruined the other videos.

    Atb steve. 

  15. Treasure Mountain Metal Detectors

    Great Survival Shelter and Very Impressive Little Hatchet! Have you been watching the television Survival show Alone? If not check it out… I think you would do pretty good on that show….. depending on how your survival eating would be…. thats where I would have the problem….lol. Not sure which plants, bugs, etc… are safe to eat…lol.

  16. Great new intro Richard, I was thinking of a much shorter intro like this.
    Also looks like your channel is definitely in for a bit of a shake up, nice work.
    I want to see you spend a night in that during somer rain, I think it will be great.

  17. Where did you learn these skills? Any books or sites you'd recommend. Love the videos, keep them coming! 

  18. Well done Richard and very good video! Hope you sleeped well;).

  19. Guess It Was Fate

    Very cool and nifty shelter Richard. Well built and looks to keep you dry. That is one sharp hatchet! Great video. 

  20. RICHBISS Metal Detecting

    Awesome shelter man! Have built a few similar over the years but that looked ace. Maybe me and Ashenaya should build one each in that dig down south in September. Or maybe the hotel with the draught cider?? All the best fella. 

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