“Heading for the hills” is not a good survival plan and here’s why

“Heading for the hills” is not a good survival plan and here’s why

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The idea of heading for the wilderness and riding the storm out in solitude is not a good choice. It may be impossible. Here are some reasons why this plan won’t work.
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  1. I totally agree with you. I'm an experienced camper/hunter/hiker and I don't think I would last a month – especially in winter. I'm willing to bet the average person would be dead within a week.

  2. I don't believe it , I found some brains on U-Tube. Thoughtful intelligent common sense  with no ego. Great channel

  3. The Self Sufficient Life

    Great video! I've been saying much the same for a long time. A few others as well. Another point concerning the game is that, during the "Great Depression", it was estimated that the wild game was reduced by 80% in about 5 years and has never recovered. If an event were to happen that would send all these grizzly adams wannabees out the game would probably be gone in a year. Wilderness survival skills are good to learn and people should. What they don't seem to understand is that if an event of such magnitude occurs that would send people running to the hills then the situation is such that they will need those skills just to be able to survive in place.

  4. Laura M D Colquhoun

    this was published on my birthday

  5. Good video. When everything fails, EVERYTHING fails, including all the nook plants melting down. Nowhere to run. Don't wish for the apocalypse, it is not some prepper fantasy.

  6. "Ranchers and farmers are well armed" ….Yep. People who have spent their life working their land are not going to welcome someone pitching a tent and hunting game. I know we won't.

  7. OrbitalRescueSage

    In other words: You're probably going to die. Horribly. No matter how hard you prep. So don't worry about it. And if you try to run, it'll be you and everyone around you running too. And if you do have a secure, fast, and easy way of escape from the city/town/etc, for god's sake don't tell anyone. So sit tight, grab a beer and watch the world burn. Because if your neighbors don't kill you, the police/military will.

    Though buying a few gallons of water wouldn't be a bad idea for the first few days. However, if you're (under)employed and don't have large storage rooms like most apartments, not much you can do.

  8. Good thoughts Leon. I think most are better of staying at home with supplies. It is what most are practised at now and have that lifestyle.

  9. CricketMcCrickets

    Too late.
    Once the Woods have invited you In, the city isn't a place to be.
    The animals are respectful and give humans a wide berth…its just another way to live.

  10. Well said, on all points. One more reason why this plan won't work, especially in a regional disaster. Hurricanes, wild fires, earthquakes, floods, etc. don't spare "the hills" either. It takes time for the land to heal and renew lost resources. Be it berries or wild turkeys. Suspect that few average Joes realize how desolate the land can be in dead of winter. (In all but the most near tropical areas.) Nor how desolate, following a disaster, even in mid-summer "the hills" can be. A tank of gas or a pair of feet may not be enough to get beyond the impact of a localized major disaster. 

  11. thecriticalcriticshow

    Very well thought out video

  12. Ahhh. I see. Convince everyone to stay at home, so you'll have the hills for yourself. Clever.

  13. Anthony Sellers

    Good information in the video but my only issue is the lack of addressing various scenarios. If you live in a large city and mass rioting/looting/shootings occurs do you want to keep your family in place? There may be times when "bugging out" is the best or only choice. 

  14. Good advice. Just keep your home ready to shelter in place without electriciy … water, canned food, blankets, candles and lights, transistor radio, always extra batteries.

  15. Everything word in this video is true. Panic is everyone worst enemy, To cut an run is not a good way to survive a bad event. Common sense goes a long way, bad things are happening everyday some where, but most people never think it will happen to them. One can only prepare to his own limits and hope for the best.

  16. Good advice! we need to learn how to live off of the land where we are TODAY!

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