Hand made long term survival shelter

Hand made long term survival shelter

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Here is how I went about building my shelter and where I got the idea from.


  1. you should put mud on the outside and inside then start I fire to help it dry

  2. Really good shelter. However, it doesn't offer much protection from the elements you just need to insulate the roof and sides now!

  3. THAT NOISE this guy is making is like a nervous twitch , he may not even realize he is doing it . like people making digs at some one or telling them they should have done this or take , like others could do it better , the point is others did not ! He did if you can do better get your ass out there and GET-R-Done .. put it on your tube talk clear don't stutter or repeat your self and 100's of millions of people will give you a thumbs up and you will be the most famous person in the world .. ,

  4. I'm assuming you'd put a tarp over the roof. Otherwise this thing is ridiculous and a waste of time. If u put a tarp over it u wouldn't need nearly so many twigs. The stove pipe of a stove like that can get really hot. With the short distance to the roof u better have some good clearance where it goes through the roof.

  5. lmfao…guess it don't ever rain or snow in WV huh…nice job…now seal it up so it's not leaking rain and snow….or wind getting in…

  6. what about the rain, and cold, i mean i guess it will give protection from some animals but.. i think you should put a huge tarp over it or multiple tarps, and then put dirt over it maybe!!!

  7. very awesome construction. Do you plan on putting deb re on the outside

  8. i can only see 1 problem with the leaves, when they start to compost they will build heat and it's a possible fire hazard, i would go with the other comment of slightly dry clay and building a fire inside to dry them

  9. Johnathan Morris

    What about when it rains? Hardly long term if it doesn't protect you from the elements.

  10. awesome shelter dude! …..this is ONLY my personal opinion, but, since you took so much time and effort making a seriously cool shelter from all natural materials, how much longer and more effort would it take to just finish it out with a totally natural tree bark or hand cut wood shingle roof? I know it would take some doing, but it couldn't possibly be as long and difficult as weaving all those saplings! MAN, that must have been a brutal task! lol …..nice shelter though no matter how you finish it!

  11. just to give you an idea how much room it has! ……… I once set it up at a school for show and tell for my daughter ………. So I parked my 1953 Mercury 2dr sedan, and erected the teepee around it and closed the entrance flap and the car disappeared inside! …….. I told the children to go in and to the right, walk all the way around and come out BUT DON"T TELL ANYONE WHAT YOU SEE INSIDE!……… they all went in and came out with eyes wide open and smiling! ……. finally the teacher couldn't stand the suspense ! and asked what was inside!! ……. I said to the kids NOW I will take it down and show you how it's done! when I started folding the canvas cover back to the lifting pole you could hear her gasp as the front of the 53 Merc came into view!……. and all the kids laughed! …….. in about 15 min. I had it all down and stored on it's long teepee trailer! and everyone was happy I had come and showed it to them!

  12. Looks good my friend!……… But……. I personally find my 18' diameter TEEPEE a much easyer project to build and live in!
    you can find patterns for making them in a book called "The Teepee, it's use and construction" ……. you are living in the perfect area to get the lodge poles from my friend! (long straight 3" diameter trees for poles!

  13. dang dude Denmark called they want there shelter back lol that's nice if I was staying in the woods a few months I may build something similar

  14. It looks good–if you would SLOWED down the camera–we could have seen better. We couldn't really appreciate your work—-for being DIzzY

  15. omg

  16. Awesome shelter.

  17. You can cover it with Moss

  18. if the soil has a high clay content, you could've constructed a fireplace, and made clay exterior walls to keep out the elements….you did however do an impressive job…keep up the good work…God bless

  19. You should of made a back door in case a bear or cougar, wolve shows up at your front door.

  20. Well done brother. Excellent craftsmanship. Keep up the good work!

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