H1Z1 SURVIVAL GUIDE ➤ Beginner Guide & Tutorial – The Basics of How To Survive [Part 1]

H1Z1 SURVIVAL GUIDE ➤ Beginner Guide & Tutorial – The Basics of How To Survive [Part 1]

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H1Z1 GUIDE ➤ Welcome to H1Z1! This is a Beginner Guide and tutorial video showing you how to survive your first 5-10 minutes in game, what you should do to make yourself very effective, and some basic things to know that may save your life! Remember to hit that like button and subscribe for more content from H1Z1!

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H1Z1 is a zombie survival MMO set in a post-apocalyptic world. It is a hardcore game taking place in “Anywhere, USA”, is Open World and utilizes a complex crafting system.
In H1Z1 Players must fight in a world inhabited by humans and humans infected with the H1Z1 Virus, better known as zombies.

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Music used: Cloister of Redemption by Jens Kiilstofte
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  1. Hi eNtak! Very helpful guide except for one issue. I can't hear the people talking to me. I have a playback device set and everything is set to 100. Please help?

  2. Thanks man your the best do you still play DayZ Mod it stopped working for me.

  3. zombieslayer345

    Some of my controls don't work like "T" for third person it won't work, I've tried changing it to something els and it didn't work still

  4. One tip is if you hit "Ctrl" F10 it will show your location. for example B6.  Then you hit "M" to bring up the map, you can tell where you are on the map.

  5. i tryed to be friendly i had guns there were people in a house and some zombies were chasing me i didant want to waste ammo so they said to enter of course i was friendly so i didant have my gun out but they pointed a shotgun in my face and killed me IM NEVER FRIENDLY AGIAN unless they show friendly signs first

  6. you have a really nice ''starter pack'' to explain, thanks man :D

  7. Everyone kills me :(

  8. You sound like vanoss so much

  9. waynerooneyshairplug

    great info. thanks!

  10. Innovative Customs

    Would you be interested in a sponsorship from my company? Pls Contact


  11. x-Riptide77-x Gaming

    youu sound like vanoss

  12. did you say there is a lot of freindly people on yhis game ^

  13. every tutoiral video is so fuckign redundant jesus

  14. Destro Does Games

    Thanks for the tips! +eNtaK

  15. this game is ripoff of dayz, gg

  16. DaScootsChannel

    He sometimes sounds like a mixture of Vanoss and Paulsoaresjr….

  17. Andrew Ollendick

    Bought the game…. Saw my first player, told him I am fresh to the game and don't even know how to attack… He says "Sucks to be you nerd" and pwns me.

  18. Breakfast Food Gaming

    Im watching this right now as im trying to get into a server, your amazing man! Now i wont die right away <3

  19. Does it drive anyone else nuts that when you harvest sticks you take the leaves… The sticks are still fkn there!!! You've just got a bag full of green man

  20. We can find rhinos in the dumpsters?????

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