Gender of Nouns Spanish Survival Basics

Gender of Nouns Spanish Survival Basics

- in Survival Basics

This video is fast paced and it goes straight to the point on the concept of the gender of Nouns in Spanish.

The examples mentioned are quickly illustrated just to keep the videos SHORT AND SWEET.

This video is meant to be paused and watched a couple of times.

I will provide a study guides and review sheets very soon and I will post links on the video description and on the Facebook page.

For now, I just wanted to make sure that this video was available for you!

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Thanks for watching !

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  1. Thank You and Gracias @Heather Behr and @Jose Maria Restrepo!
    More videos coming soon.
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  2. Thank you Santi!!

  3. jose maria Restrepo

    Maestro, esto esta genial!

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