Gear QUICK Look – CRKT Add-On Paracord Braclet Survival Tools – SHOT Show

Gear QUICK Look – CRKT Add-On Paracord Braclet Survival Tools – SHOT Show

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Gear QUICK Look - CRKT Add-On Paracord Braclet Survival Tools - SHOT Show

David can be dense… but he finally got it in this video with Ben (at CRKT) when he discovered the cool EDC survival tools that you can add to your favorite paracord bracelet. Enjoy!

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  1. But it's greate

  2. Why the second compass have not fire starter

  3. Great video! However, I've had nothing but problems with the paracord accessories. The ferro rod fell out upon opening package, the light failed, the mounting disk broke. Total waste of money in my opinion. Very disappointed, as CRKT knives are amazing!

  4. I have looking for a compass to add to my watch band but like this much better.
    Thank you for the info.

  5. Lucas Friedfeld

    Done and done

  6. Interesting tool.  I wonder how something like this would work hooked on the shoelaces on the top of your foot.  

  7. Wait when you say see you on the other side do you mean see you in heaven?

    your right you never if zday exist so be peparde for day z!!!!!!

  8. not born to be an interviewer its fucking hard to watch him ask question…so awkward

  9. Bill Hinson OutDoors

    The fire steel is easily lost doesn't lock it well at all
    on the plus side the fire steel throughs good sparks 

  10. Looks ugly.

  11. Ricardo Jimenez

    nice device but the mini flashlight is not pointing forward if you are using it on your wrist! 

  12. Dallas Gonzales

    These look really cool but the reviews are horrible. I'll stick with wazzoo bracelets for my paracord bracelet accessories. 

  13. I would love to see things that are inexspecive


  15. Benjamin Delger

    hi David how can i get one

  16. Hey it's Ben previously with BladeHQ

  17. The wazoo survival bracelet is wayyyy better!

  18. Christopher Powers (SirPrepsALot)

    Has anyone bought this yet? Conceptually I dig it. But real hesitant, I've seen several reviews on Amazon that weren't too positive, especially the compass. It would be perfect for a neck knife kit I'm putting together (right now I have those three components individually on the kit, this would condense those nicely). Would love to hear something positive from someone who has one though before I commit.

  19. GrizzlyHillbilly

    Is it made in the US? if not not interested. We have a small home based company and all of our prodcuts are 100% made in the USA.

  20. Your sharpner then a marble. 

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