Extreme Winter Survival Overnight

Extreme Winter Survival Overnight

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Extreme Winter Survival Overnight

Kenton takes on a personal challenge of falling through the ice in snowshoes, then trying to survive a night in freezing temperatures with only a pocketknife as gear. No matches or other firestarters allowed.

Kenton says, “Occasionally testing my edges like this is an important part of my life, helping me to refine skills, keep a good sense of humor, and put everyday challenges into perspective.”

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  1. I've really enjoyed watching this.

  2. Rock on dude is all I can say. Most ppl wont understand what you just voluntarily put yourself through but I really enjoyed it and hope to be able to do the same one of these days. Thanks for sharing man!

  3. Ok..Great video..Loved the skills demonstrated.. Solid hand drill, frozen hands and lacking mental/ physical issues. I loved the intensity. Solid, real world expectations of the situation. You have a new fan :)

  4. you should make a biger fire pal

  5. dude this guy's insane

  6. if suffering hypothermia, how would you warm up the core of your body? lean over the fire? Or what exactly?

  7. The frozen nights will always make you appreciate the warm ones. "A need fulfilled is no longer a need!" A usually warm bed at night becomes an expectation. But, after it is gone, it becomes a dream or a wish.

  8. You're the man – most of us would have died by the time you had your friction starter made. I like the humorous remarks printed in your videos.

  9. I have the greatest respect for the things you do in your vids!
    Where have all the true man gone – into the woods ^^

  10. So inspiring, so beautiful you are a true man !

  11. You. Are. Bad. Ass. As. F…….. Rock on!

  12. hey man..u know about nose oil for your spindle…right?

  13. just found you…watched maybe 3 or 4. you rock….very cerebral and smart. thanks.

  14. this is pretty cool

  15. Amazing video! I loved the other one with no gear as well.
    If I was able to get a fire going, I think my first instinct would be to just make it as big as possible. Is there some reason this wouldn't work? I suppose it may be difficult to keep finding enough fuel throughout the night.

  16. Isabella Valega

    Your so courageous!!! It was sad for me to c u fall in that ice water omg

  17. That was pretty incredible! I could feel how cold you were!!!!

  18. Possible faster drying: if you find some, stuff some insulating dry natural material (leaves, bark, grass, etc) under your wet clothes (or above your "quickdried" base layer from modern non-soaking materials). Less heat loss if the wet clothes do not touch your skin, also better drying, replace the filling once it absorbs a lot of moisture). I know, not comfortable, itches like hell, but can make a difference.

  19. Great video, thanks for making it. It got me thinking.. I'm looking for those challenges now. Thanks for the inspiration!!

  20. Wouldn't it be better to make the fires bigger and further away, so you don't run the risk of setting your clothes on fire ? Also is it better to wear (fast drying) Synthetics or Cotton? Cotton will take forever to dry on its own but you can't go near a fire with Synthetics AFAIK. You constantly seem to fail to pick a spot with some natural shelter, be it trees or maybe a slope/depression. Not even talking about building an emergency shelter, which would probably not be a bad idea. I am not criticizing but generally your go to response seems to be: build a fire and then huddle on top of it and i am not sure if that is really the best response. I understood it in the "naked" video because running through the snow is bad but here ? Moving creates heat of its own. You certainly make a compelling argument for having a firekit on you at all times cause this hand drilling is just a giant waste of time and energy.

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