Essential Survival Shelter Knowledge Series – Leaves

Essential Survival Shelter Knowledge Series – Leaves

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Another video in the “Essential Survival Shelter Knowledge Series”. This is a complete shelter showing how I use the fallen Autumn leaves, and how it is best to use them.

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  1. Learn something new each day. Thanks.

  2. Nice shelter. does the reflector work well?

  3. This is a very great information about the "heat reflector" which his purpose is not to reflect the heat but to help the air current. Thanks !

  4. in what video did you build that shelter

  5. Very interesting! A must try.

  6. After sleeping in one of these for a week at a course, I can say they are a great shelter. It did not have any cover, just the logs leaning on the top pole. So when it rained it wasn't great, but I was amazed at how it protected me from the prevailing winds at night. It had been constructed with the curve at the head and that will be a must if I am ever pressed to use this type of shelter. Thanks so much for the review Lonnie!

  7. As usual Lonnie, great video, great explanations and tips.

  8. William Larkham Jr (Bigland Trapper)

    Great explanation Lonnie, always learn something from your vids, once I get my cabin completed I think I'm going to set up a site similar so that I could just do some different type bushcraft vids. Take care my friend, all the best ..!!!!!

  9. TheGamingCanadian TGC

    hey, i have a little tip, where we live there is a ABUNDANCE of moss and if you rip out a large almost carpet like portion it can serve as a REALLY warm insulator for the ground and roof, but if its wet, its probably wise to put spruce bows above and below it, it can get really warm.

  10. I like the intro music.

  11. Thanks.  Great information.

  12. Great lesson! Thank you.

  13. Monkey Mike Outdoors

    Very nice, Thanks for sharing Lonnie.

  14. Linkless Tennessee

    good looking shelter lonnie and good explanation on fire reflector

  15. Anyone who thinks that a reflector does not work just needs to measure the ground temperature behind the reflector with an IR thermometer to see how much cooler it is. I think that usually the problem is that the fire and reflector are too far from the recipient of the heat to be able to (subjectively) feel the difference (inverse square law). The other issue is that the majority of the fires heat convects and radiates straight up at the sky so heat transfer to the person in the shelter is just a small fraction of the total heat. That is why enclosed wood stoves are so much better since you can get that much closer to them and put them inside a shelter that is sealed up a lot tighter. But what is shown in the video is a "survival" shelter and considerably better than being totally exposed…

  16. how many degrees difference do you think it would be inside the shelter with the fire. just wandering if something like this would help survive a night in say -20 or would you need to look at building 4 walls with a fire. what would you say the limitations of a shelter like this would be. I guess some of that would have to do with how warm you were dressed.

  17. I like the way you built the Shelter

  18. great explanation around the fire reflector mate. thanks for sharing your knowledge!!

  19. Great and cozy shelter system. As far as I understood the fire reflector should work more as a "smoke deflector", right?

  20. Nice shelter Lonnie. Well built and looks comfy. Made me wish I were there. Thanks

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