Epic Survival Skills | How To Get Water In The Desert | Out The Box TV

Epic Survival Skills | How To Get Water In The Desert | Out The Box TV

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Our Survival Presenter Tom Hooker shows you how to find water and survive if you are lost in the middle of the Desert
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We know most of us you ever be randomly in the desert and need to survive there, but imagine you are on holiday, visiting the Pyramids in Egypt and you get lost from your tour group, what do you do? Thats where Epic Survival comes in…

Surviving in the desert is one of the most inhospitable of environments in the world. Watch as our survivalist expert Tom shows us how to locate suitable shelter, the best time of day to travel and as if by magic, how to get water from seemingly nothing by using a lifesaving SAS Surival technique for getting water – a Solar Still.

Out The Box TV has our presenter, Tom Hooker (www.tomalexhooker.com)(red24management.com/presenters/tom-hooker) sharing his crazy Outside The Box lifestyle as he busks home from Barcelona, Spins Fire, rides unicycles, travels the world and generally lives life extraordinarily differently.

Out The Box TV’s ethos is to be proud to be different and to live life differently too. Who wants to be “normal” any more? Life is too short to sit around worrying about what other people think about you. Life is one big adventure and its time to start enjoying it. With many of us used to doing the same old things like going to the movies, staying in watching TV, going out to eat we sometimes forget how much awesome world there is out there for you to explore.

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  1. You are so smart!! How did you take the water in the middle of the dessert??

  2. And then you knock it over!

  3. u need at least  1/2 gallon of water per day, just to lie around.  1-2 gallons if you're active.  So you'd need a LOT of solar stills. the time and effort spent on the stills is almost always  better spent looking for potholes, streambeds (ie, dig for water)

  4. where does the moisture come from to form the water? iv seen this before but the peron who made it peed in it so that urine condensated and dripped into thew collector.

  5. Zulham Syahputra

    lol ,,, nice

  6. Make a Survive in the jungle video. :)

  7. I can relate as a pale af ginger person

  8. I thought this was acctually how to get water out of a big old box tv(:

  9. nicksorokin NikoTheLegend

    You have chosen the best background music possible! And thank you for your survival tips!

  10. Its good but some tips if we trap in Sahara that is the most help full 
    by the way that is good direction for some one who trap there

  11. CoolBigWillieStyles

    Great vid, but not a fan of the background music. Just makes it difficult to listen to what your saying.

  12. hey idiot! haha

  13. Great survival video we follow each other on twitter and I just subscribed to you please check out my videos and sub me back if you like

  14. ImInsaane - Funny Moments

    Great video when will you get "youtube famous" 

  15. Red 24 Management

    The brilliant Tom Hooker has a new Youtube video out on his channel Out The Box TV and this time he will be teaching you how to survive in the desert. Just in case you ever get stuck in such an inhospitable environment, make sure to have a watch now!

  16. Excellent video.

  17. Thanks for your comments guys, glad you both enjoyed :)

  18. fun and informative!

  19. Ur awesome

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