Emergency Survival Food Storage | Food4Patriots Review

Emergency Survival Food Storage | Food4Patriots Review

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Emergency Survival Food Storage | Food4Patriots Review

http://PatriotSurvivalFood.com – Emergency survival food is an essential part of any survival plan. Storing canned goods and even MRE’s are good options, but there’s a better way to store survival food for even a long term disaster. Food4Patriots (Patriot Pantry) has developed a done-for-you survival food kit that’s the fastest, easiest way to provide your family with emergency survival food.


  1. You need to add Water. In a crisis Clean Water is much more important. Look into MRE's, in a pinch no water needed. You can live a week or more with little to no food. Water 2-3 days. Get water.

  2. need to address how to cook it and what the nutritional value of this is

  3. I heard there was numerous complaint from food4patriot, saying you DON"T get the product after you purchased it

  4. Do you just add biking water like moutainhouse and it cooks in the bag ?? Seems. Like that would be something to talk about !i if they do I'm sold !i

  5. I know I'm late to this conversation, but how is it the top two manufacturers of freeze dried food (Mountain House and Wise) can only get 12 year shelf life out if packets, and 25 years from cans, while this company is getting 25 years from packets?

  6. There are Cheaper solutions dude – EXPENSIVE!!!!

  7. ScorpioBornIn69

    This is really no joke. Economic apocalypse is at our door step, most saying this strongly believe it'll happen on October 20 when IMF makes an announcement to end the U.S. Dollar as the WRC. It could very well cause the Dollar to collapse which will also cause the stock market to crash, like the one in '29 or worst.

  8. I've been there with hurricanes. Food is all off the shelf before you blink. 

  9. Thanks to paranoid teabaggers, these people are cleaning up.

  10. More like Food4Dipshits.

  11. Dude, they must see you coming a mile away.

  12. You forgot to mention ..that you will need water and a heat source to boil the water to add to the pouches. Some people might think those packets are mre's. They need to add the water needed and a heat source to prepare those meals in the kit. 

  13.  "this comes from a friend of in the Industry Food-for-Patriots"
    1) saying friend says that you could be speaking out for the said industry
    2) Food-For-Patriots isn't the industry it's more of a brand name Reboot Market is the industry
    "Most people who are unprepared are going to be flocking down to the local grocery store, they are going to be panicked"
    1) if this is true the world may be full of more idiots then i thought
    2)Panic won't break until someone's neck gets stepped on
    "There are expiration dates on food"
    1)True except they are off food wont "decide" to go bad on the expiration date
    2) we aren't idiots (I hope) there this thing called imporvising

  14. didn't hear him mention it having any dried fruit at all.

  15. Your company is scum! You scare people in order to make a profit. How long of a disaster never happening will it take for people to see that your scum.

  16. waaay too much hot air. get to the review. geeeeez

  17. It seems to me that water is a far more critical resource to prepare. You can live weeks without food. Without water, any animal will be dying in 3 days. 1 gal,per person, per day adds up to a lot of water you need to have on hand to survive any disaster. Eating dried food is going to increase your water needs. If you can only grab one thing: grab water!

  18. SurvivalistAdvisor

    Great stuff, knowing how to store survival foods properly was quite a challenge for me, and I always appreciate new information. Thanks for the tips.

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