EDC Folding Wallet Survival Kit Knife – Everyday Carry Backup – Card Sharp Credit Card Blade

EDC Folding Wallet Survival Kit Knife – Everyday Carry Backup – Card Sharp Credit Card Blade

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This Cool Little Knife has Been My Everyday Carry Backup to My Backup Blade for Nearly 3 Years Now and Lives in My Wallet. Check Out this Full Review of the Card Sharp – Folding Credit Card Knife…

SEE LIST of ALL the Gear Shown in this Video (BELOW)…


Here Are Links to the Gear in the Video:

Ian Sinclair – CardSharp 2:

Mini Fire Steel Rods:

Other Brands of Folding Credit Card Knives:

SOG Credit Card Companion Survival Kit:

Tool Logic Survival Card with Fire Starter:

Victorinox Swisscard Survival Pocket Tool:

Wallet Ninja 18-in 1 Credit Card Sized Pocket Tool:

More Credit Card Sized Survival Gizmos:

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  1. I would like to try one of these knives…

  2. get the better version of the same knife because the "lock" is better and its better

  3. i already own this nice knife

  4. Pretty neat gadget.  Currently selling for $2.82 with free shipping on Amazon.

  5. cool vid

  6. whats your favouite edc blade david?

  7. Good vidéo . Thank you and long live usa . I am french and i love the USA .


  9. There are many card tools out there that have far more robust knives. You'll pay for it in bulk, but I find that it's worth it. All the space that my BG Survival card (Which comes with a couple of small screwdrivers, a robust full tang knife, rulers, an LED light and a firesteel. I have a SOG SH03 on my keychain that can be used to touch up any blade with the ceramic rod on the side. Don't forget the Tool Logic cards and also the Swisscard Lite) is taking up was previously used for coins, which for me is a thing of the past. I only carry a few bills and my cards. I only keep a bunch of coins in the car if the parking lot payment stations don't accept cards for whatever reason.

  10. its a great product, but 10 dollars is to much . you can find it in one or two dollars in ebay.

  11. I am pretty skeptical of these things, I just have a hard time imagining what use it would be given the plastic. The Aluminum one seems pretty cool, but pretty expensive for what it is.

    This would not work for me because I like minimalist wallets and I commonly go through knife restricted areas. For that reason I carry a knife-less multi tool so I only need to leave my pocket knife behind in the car.

  12. Turtle Bushcraft

    Pretty cool atb John

  13. oh wait the blade is a bit different but same brand

  14. got it for less than $3 on ebay…..

  15. I use a SOG Micron 2 as my wallet knife. It's a bit thicker but uses a stronger traditional back lock. The blade isn't flimsy and it's an all metal construction.

  16. Will it fit in the back of a phone case

  17. Danielsgamingchanne1

    Learning from experience
    I live in australia
    And i had it in my wallet for a year and i forgot i had it
    And i went to the airport and got into some trouble hahhaa
    So dont take it to the airport haha

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