Eating Scorpion. Desert Survival Food. Bushcraft Survival Skills (HD)

Eating Scorpion. Desert Survival Food. Bushcraft Survival Skills (HD)

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How to cook and eat Scorpions as Desert Survival Food. (HD)
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  1. If scorpions may carry parasites wouldn't it be best to gut it ?

  2. Are they salty? I can imagine they would be good if they were salty.

  3. Marcus Mckenzie

    Great Vides mate 🙂 i subbed after seeing the Otzi axe you recreated… Good stuff, chilled out surv channel :)

  4. mlg888_foxy buck (foxy)

    mmmmmm loooks good

  5. man u tuffff

  6. Nice video, but why would you cut the stinger off before killing the guy?

  7. Did he say Oregon? There's desert in Oregon? What?

  8. my buddy got stung by one of those while we were fighting fire outin oregon haha

  9. Gregg L. Van DeVeer

    Many survival manuals and the U.S. Army survival school reminds us that the insects' exoskeleton is loaded with calcium. We may want to remember this before we go, "Yech!" when we decide to eat bugs.

  10. LibertyAndFaith

    LOL! Avast ye land lobsters!

  11. You're really chill. Probably one of the better survival videos/channels I've seen

  12. This will come in handy one day. Thanks for the info :D

  13. Andrew Pedicone

    This channel is by fat the most informative

  14. They eat everything in China…

  15. coolmonkey games

    Boiled for safety

  16. Plissken Armitage

    How about killing it BEFORE lopping off its stinger?

  17. Jayden Mallinson

    I wold kill it before cutting off its tail but stil, a good video

  18. with locust, my wife fries them whole, when they are cooked you pull the head off and it pulls out the guts which can hold bad things,i found scorpions quite tastless,but meal worms fried in peanut oil were awsome

  19. Mmmm a little squeamish but when you're hungry, you eat.

  20. The scorpion, God's answer to people that hate spiders AND crabs. yaaaaaay.

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