Easy Survival Shelter (Stay Warm and Dry)

Easy Survival Shelter (Stay Warm and Dry)

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Tom McElroy demonstrates one of the most basic and universal survival shelters that you can make. If built properly, this shelter will not only keep you warm, but it will also repel a rain storm. If interested check out more videos at www.tommcelroysurvival.com .
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  1. Ok Ive been using this shelter for years and its the best all these other people have know idea what there talking about one thing to remeber is you also need a lot of debris in the shelter as well. Nice vid!

  2. 1) Its a firetrap
    2) Using some wood for a fire would be better.

  3. 6:51 you farted

  4. That looks like another shelter in the background at 3:26 lol!

  5. When the wind picks up, won't it blow away?

  6. you should have crawled in at the end and closed the entrance for us to see :3

  7. I've actually slept a night out in one of these.  It definitely kept me warm and dry but was the farthest thing from comfortable.

  8. Isn't there some danger of running out of fresh air if you don't have an entrance opening?

  9. jesaplaysminecraft

    Tom Mcelroy-Wild SUrvival is there any chance it can be a bit bigger for two people ?

  10. Tato pseudonimo

    Very good, man

  11. I may have missed it, but was there protection from Conduction? Wouldn't want to be sleeping on the ground!

  12. Y dont u wear shoes

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